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Blake Jerks His Big Uncut Cock On A Sex Cam

We've had Blake Slater in front of our camera quite a few times now and every time we see him we marvel at his hot looks. He's got the dirty blond hair peaking out under his baseball cap and that sweet, boy-next-door face that just makes us wanna see what's under the clothes. And when he strips down, he's got the kinda body you just want to lick from head to toe. And then there's his big, perfect cock that we could go on about for days. And even though Blake has always been most generous with us when showing his exterior, we've never felt like we've been able to get insight into his personality and we think it's because Blake gets nervous when we stage a scene for him. So this time it's different. Blake invited us to watch him do a cam show performance for a "friend" that he cams with on a regular basis. In this performance, Blake is showing off his sexy body the way he likes to do it. We are seeing a side of Blake here we've never seen before.


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Blindfolder And Serviced

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David was nervous about being blindfolded, but once he relaxed, he got into being hazed. In fact, he was so into it that he came 3 times! As I tie him up, we talk about some of the wild swinger parties David goes to.

His nervousness about being blindfolded quickly disappears as he gets rock hard. David sits back and begins to enjoy his blow job. I take it easy on him because I don't want him to cum too soon.

Even with the blindfold on, you can tell David's totally worked up. When I stop sucking him, he tells me to keep going. He wants to cum in my mouth. David shoots his first load. I keep stroking his cock, and I'm surprised he's not jumping around with sensitivity.

Then David tells me he's a multiple cummer, so I make him cum a second time. I keep jacking David, wanting to see how many times he'll cum before jumping out of his chair. Then he orders me to suck it. David's on the edge of blowing another wad. His dick and my hand are covered in his cum, and still he shoots an impressive third load. He sure is sensitive now...

Posted on: June 03, 2012 | From the category:

Rate This Boys Performance

If you have never visited the site RateTheseGuys before your really missing some amazing men. The guys submit their homemade amateur videos and perform for your votes. If they fail to turn you on they don't get paid. Once of the guys that grabbed my attention was this cute blond British boy named David. David was willing to go the extra mile and really gave a very hot sexy strip show. Once he was naked David jumped onto the couch and immediately started humping the pillows getting his dick nice and hard for us. His final position had his legs high in the air as he finger fucked his ass and wanked his dick. All that finger fucking brought David to a climax rather quickly and he shot out a amazing load of jizz for us.

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Military Boy Jerks His Big Cock

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Today I have a real special young stud to share with you. His name is Lane and this young Marine admits he has wanted to do porn for sometime. Lane says he had been doing a lot of work on building up his body since starting in the Marines. Not only does this boy have a sold body he is also sporting one very large cock that is sure to make him a very popular boy in the porn world. Once naked Lane gives us one great show while jerking his long cock and concludes with a wallop of a cum shot that splats all over his hard young military body!

Posted on: September 21, 2011 | From the category:

Tattooed Straight Dude Gets A Helping Hand

Jacob may be a little rough and tough looking with all those tattoos but this straight dude is very open minded. When Jacob learned he was going to get jerked by another guy his only worry was that he may not be able to get off for the camera. He says he saved up for a few days just in case he had trouble hitting his climax. Maybe saving up did the trick or maybe he liked the idea even more then he let on because Jacob was rock hard the moment his dick was pulled from his shorts. While getting a helping hand jerking off Jacob was even talked into getting into the doggy-style position to give us a nice look at his beautiful smooth bubble butt and virgin pink untapped asshole. Now with a little help from a Fleshlight working up and down his long dick Jacob was almost brought close to a climax twice. Finally he gasped loudly and unleashed an extra large cum shot all over his tattooed abs and chest.

Posted on: June 24, 2011 | From the category:

Stunning Blond Boy Jerks Off On Camera

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 It took Active Duty several tries to recruit beautiful Asher into their unit, but we're glad they did. Asher is 5' 6" and weighs 148 lbs. He enjoys playing soccer, practices martial arts and swims regularly. He was an avid athlete in high school and played nearly every sport, including wrestling. While he's telling us all about that Dink gets him to stand up and start getting naked. Once his jeans come down the first thing we see is that gorgeous bubble butt of his. Then he turns around to reveal a raging hard cock. Talk about standing at attention. This guy is ready for battle. He drops down and gives us some push-ups where Dink gets some great shots of his hard cock touching the floor and some great sneak-peeks at that beautiful round ass. The sunlight hits it perfectly and Asher crawls on the bed to give us a show. Don't miss this super hottie as Ahser takes us through a beautiful jerk off session as we sit back and fall in love, and lust with this amazing blond boy!

Posted on: May 14, 2011 | From the category:

Another Straight Guy Successfully Serviced!

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Today's post has a little bondage that with satisfy your fetish fantasy. This 27 year-old straight dude named Peter needed some money for a trip and soon discovered just how fun making so extra spending cash can really be. In this video Peter is getting serviced by a 25 year old hot looking cock craving stud. After being bound to the chair and blindfolded he quickly gets to work on downing this straight studs beautiful hard cock. It's clear Peter is a bit nervous as this dude explores his body with his tong and give him a awesome blow job. It doesn't take long and Peter is on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Peter let out a "fuck,fuck,fuck" and seconds later squirted out a nice big load of cum.

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Surf Teacher Blasts Off A Huge Cumshot

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Years of teaching surfing have done this hunks body good. Ethen is very tall at 6'3" and have a beautiful body with some sexy tattoos that just add to his manly sex appeal. This is Ethen's first time in front of the camera but he looked to be fairly comfortable with showing off his amazing body. Once Ethen starts jerking his dick it doesn't take him long at all to come to his climax. The most appropriate thing to say about Ethen's climax is just, WOW. This surfer dude gave a very intense climax and as every muscle in his body tightened he shot off a huge load that nearly hit the back wall and ceiling. Your don't want to miss this amazing cum shooter!

Posted on: February 07, 2011 | From the category:

Joey Gets Tricked Threw a Gloryhole

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Today this horny muscular stud is about to have his first gay blow job. While visiting a porn shop Joey is approached with the offer of getting filmed while getting a free blow job through a glory hole. Being a typical horny college guy Joey agrees to the deal without question. Joey hears a female voice behind the wall and thinks this sexy girl is the one that is about to blow him. Joey works up a nice hard boner and shoves it through the hole in the wall where it is met by a welcoming warm wet mouth. This straight Latino stud has no clue that those wet lips wrapped around his dick belong to a cock craving gay man. Joey pounds his dick in and out of the glory hole harder and harder moaning loader with every thrust of his hips. Five minutes into his glory hole session Joey lets out a manly grown and gushes out a huge load of cum directly into this dudes mouth. He swallows up every last drop of cum from Joey's cock and then Joey zips up his jeans and exits the stale totally unaware he just received his first gay blow job.

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Beefy Personal Trainer Gets A Hand Job

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Today we have for you a little scene of a personal trainer that is anything but little. Roy is 21 years old with a big 7 inch dick and a huge amount of cum to unload. He was visibly nervous being on camera but once he whipped out his impressive dick and started jerking off he relaxed a bit. Well at least till the producer grabs a hold of his big meat to help him out with a amazing hand-job. With a grunt he shot his first of two big loads. The second cum shot a few minutes later was even larger then the first. 

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Muscular College Senior Gets-off

Today I have for you a sexy muscular college hunk that puts on one sexy show while get get-off on camera for the first time. Blake Powell says in his pre shoot interview that he is "pretty much just straight". That is one of the best lines I have heard from a guy in a porn ever. After seeing the way he plays with his asshole while he jerks off I would guess this guy isn't as straight as he thinks he is.

With his handsome face, hot muscle jock body and soft breathy moans, Blake Powell gets you all horned up with his debut solo on Randy Blue. His dick is long and slender with a nice big mushroom head and when Blake jerks off he's got a unique style that will make you wonder at first but then want to try it yourself. Blake is very outgoing and you can tell he takes great care of his body, keeping it meticulously trimmed and his muscles well toned. And while the infamous money shot is usually the end of most gay porn videos, you'll want to stick around after his because Blake gives quite a show in the moments after he shoots his load.

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Beefy Texas Hunk Jerks Off Outside

Today I have for you a beefy Texas hunk with a rugged look and cocky yet sensual attitude. Matt is 6'1" tall and a solid 205 lbs that looks quite sexy with tattoos covering his arms. Once Matt stripped off his jeans and black briefs we get a good look at his hot manly naked bod! Within just a few strokes of his cock Matt had a full ragging hardon going on. Matt's cock is a good 8 inches a full attention and he leaked out a good amount of pre-cum with his first few strokes. We get a good view of his nice ass as he straddles the camera and fingered his tight asshole. Matt got pretty intense with his jerking and it wasn't long before he streamed out a huge load of cum that landed all over the porch floor.

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