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Hung Blond Boys Swap Blowjobs

Newcomer Kyle told us he was straight during his first solo video last week but now he is back and ready to get his first taste of cock. For his first time Kyle is going to get quite the mouthful from a hung blond boy Duncan.

Duncan takes the lead and once naked he immediately goes down on Kyle's stiff cock. Kyle really gets into it and soon is grabbing at the back of this blond cocksuckers head encouraging him to take down even more. Next it was Kyle's turn to put that cock virgin mouth to work and earn his pay.

Kyle got more then he expected when going down to suck off Duncan. Duncan's dick completely filled that little mouth with cock. Before long Duncan was wanting something in his mouth as well and the boys 69ed each other. What an amazing sight to see these cute blonds stuffing their mouths with dick.

Duncan was the first to shoot a load and emptied his sack while jerking with a mouth full. From there it wasn't long before Kyle was ready to blow and Duncan let he unload straight into his mouth. Nothing beats a mouth full of creamy jizz from a hot blond!


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Cute Straight Boy Show His Ass While Jerking Off

Today I have for you this cute babyfaced 18 year old who is eager to jerk for us in front of the camera. Grinning the entire time Dennis Tapp tells us how intense is dick jerking sessions can get in his bedroom all alone.

He tells us in his interview that he does have a girlfriend but she live far from him and sometime he must take matters into his own hand. Once this boy was naked it only took seconds before he popped a nice hard boner for us. He maybe straight but he wasn't bashful when the producer asked him to let us check out his ass.

Dennis climbed up into bed on all fours and reached back to spread his cheeks with both hands. His pink virgin asshole came into view which looked perfectly fuckable. Dennis then slipped his dick back between his legs and began to tug on his dick while bent over.

All that dick wanking finally pays off as Dennis closes in on his orgasm. Dennis laid back in bed and began to stroke furiously before finally gushing out a nice big healthy load onto his chest.

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Tall Handsome Straight Boy Jerks His Big Dick

For today's post on Male Directory's Blog I wanted to share with you a beautiful young straight dude I found jerking off for the Broke Straight Boys website. It would seem Kurt was looking to help his girlfriend in getting the cash for a boob job when someone told him he should try jerking off for the cash.

I'm sure glad he decided to come in front of the camera because sometimes that is the only way we would ever get to see amazing straight boys like Kurt naked. Kurt has a beautiful smooth twink body that is lean and very tight. His handsome dude is also packing a very impressive 8 inch cock which he jerks furiously for us. Once naked this straight boy demonstrates his fucking skills while humping the sheets on the futon couch.

Watching his beautiful bubble butt as he humps is very arousing to say the least. All that thrusting did the trick and brought Kurt to a climax rather quickly. Kurt shot his creamy load into his hand and with the offer of even more money he licked his jizz from his hand. How Sexy!

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Four Horny Boys Give One Boy A Bukkake Cum Facial

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Boston is so broke he agrees to be the bukkake bitch for these four hot young men. Mick, Jamie, Jason and Bobby strip down naked with a little help from the cum craving Boston. Boston then kneels down in front of all four naked boys as they start jerking off for him. Boston lent them a helping hand and started double fist pumping two boys at the same time, switching off to make sure they all get equal treatment. Boston first started sucking off Mick wrapping his warm lips around his shaft. He then goes around taking a turn working on each of their shafts with his mouth and trying out deep throating a couple of their dicks. After each boy had taken a turn at getting a gay bj they all gathered around Boston's wide open mouth to jerk into it. Boston's only demanded was that they each tell him when their ready to blow. Jason was the first to bust a nut and shot his load all over the side of Boston's face. Bobby shot his load next hitting him in the ear and corner of his mouth. Mick had a little better aim and managed to land a few wads of cum in Boston's mouth. Last but not least Jamie liberally coated Boston's face and mouth with jizz. This hot four-way gay bukkake left Boston's face covered in cum from all four of these horny young guys.

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Tyler and Aiden Service Each Others Cocks

Todays post features Tyler and Aiden. I have watch Tyler break-in more then a few broke straight boys over the past couple years and he never seems to disappoint. Today he is back and teamed up with Aiden. Aiden has only been with a few other guys before but he still knows his way around a a man's body. Both of these guys are rock hard almost immediately upon getting naked. Tyler being the more experienced of the two start things out and bends down to take a mouth full of Aiden's thick cock. Once Tyler is done servicing Aiden's cock Aiden moves in to give him an equally awesome blow job. Tyler moan's and groan's in ecstasy as Aiden work's on his dick. Things really get heated up when the boys move into the 69 position each stuffing their face with the others cock.

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Braden Sucks A Dick For The First Time

Hi there guys. Today I have for you loyal blog readers Braden (blond) and Brian. Braden just did his first solo porn shoot a week ago for Broke Straight Boys and he is already back for another shot at it. This time Braden gets to learn to suck another guy off. He say he has never sucked a dick before and after watching him his this video I would say I believe him. He really need to work on his cock sucking skills. Brian has some experience so he is brought in to teach teach this newcomer just how to service a nice hard boner! Brian starts by blowing Braden and boy does he get hard. Braden's dick sprang to attention and was throbbing from excitement with the first touch of Brian's lips to his shaft.  

Now that Braden seen how a man sucks another man's dick it's his turn to give it a try. Being straight Braden wasn't so sure about sucking a cock but with the thought of some fast cash he did it anyways. Brian had to instruct him the entire time he went down on him but Braden managed to do a ok job at giving his first BJ to Brian. Brian said that Braden was better at jerking him off so that is what he did. It didn't take Brian long to fire off a load of cum all over Braden's hand but the look on his face said said it all. Brian then got Braden on his knees with his cock pointing straight out as he suck his shaft and gave him a handjob. Braden was really getting into the handjob and started pumping his hips back and forth before erupting in one big splash of cum all over the futon and Brian's hand.

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Tall Straight Boys First Ass Fuck

Diesel and Chasen are both over 6 foot tall and these boys have long cocks to match. Both guys have girlfriend but know the money is better in gay porn and will do almost anything for the cash. Chasen's cock is so large that he say that it is hard to find a gay guy that can handle him let alone a straight dude that is willing to take his monster cock. That means he usually bottoms when he does gay anal sex.

Chasen was up for getting the oral thing over with so he wastes no time reaching over taking a hold of Diesel's big shaft, and began sucking on it. His blow job skills were lacking but soon improved with a little instruction. Diesel returned the favor put Chasen's dick in his mouth and bobbing up and down on it. Diesel only laster sucking cock a few minutes before he called it quits and was ready to fuck some ass.

Diesel slipped a condom on his shaft and had Chasen get on his back with his legs in the air. He started out slow knowing this was Chasen's first time being fucked but increased speed as he plunged deeper and deeper into his tight hole. Chasen was clearly in some pain at first but started to relax and enjoy the ride on Diesel's big pole. Chasen started jerking his cock while getting fucked and soon was shooting cum all over himself. Diesel then pulled out and shot a load that landed all over Chasen's hairy balls. It's especially hot watching a "straight boy" get fucked for the first time and Chasen took it all like a real champ!  

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Straight Boys Tag Team

Straight boys Jordan and Mike team tag Scott in this hot new three-way gay orgy from the guys at Broke Straight Boys. Scott takes both of these boys cocks like a real pro even getting pounded so hard by Jordan you would think that the bed would fall apart as bad as it was shaking. I always loved watching the wavy haired surfer boy Jordan blowing his load. He shots is load with such intensity that you would swear that his cock is about to explode with pressure.

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First Time Bottom Boy!

Landon is a cute 19 yr. old bisexual twink that says he has never been penetrated but is now ready to give it a try. Max age 21 is straight but in need of some fast cash and says, a ass is a ass whether it's a girl or another guy.

Taking off their shirts, they both stood up next to each other, and right away they looked like they could pull off little brother, big brother scenarios. Both boys took off their jeans and then stood in nothing more then their white briefs. Back on the couch the guys both worked on stroking their cocks to get rock hard. Max was quick to get hard and Landon seeming very nervous was struggling. Max leaned over and gave Landon a quick BJ to help him out. Landon now ready for action reached around to grab hold of the straight boys monster cock and worked on sucking it. Now covered in spit Max's cock was clearly ready to fuck his first man's ass. Max began to push his dick inside the twink's virgin butt.

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Cute Latin Boy's Solo Jerkoff

Christian is the newest model at BrokeStraightBoys and I have to say one of their hottest yet! Christian is 18 years old, of Latin decent and says he is straight. He says in his interview that he has had thoughts of being with other guys but it just never happened but he is willing to give it a try. Christian has a nice size peace of meat between his legs and has his pubes totally shaved smooth. Stroking his cock in all different direction he started breathing louder and more rapid as he got closer to having an orgasm. Soon the cum was oozing out of his cock-head and onto his stomach landed a nice thick white load of boy juice.

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Three Hot Boys In One Bed!

After a long night of partying these three horned up boys - Austin, Nelson and Danny were excited to get back to their hotel room. The guys waste not time stripping out of their jeans and getting naked into bed. Nelson was first to make his move and started deep-throating Austin's nice big cock. Danny and Austin then started kissing as Nelson switched back and forth sucking their cocks. Austin then turned Nelson over lubed up his cock and started pounding his tight little ass and he continued blowing Danny. Austin and Danny then get an idea to double-dick Nelson. Seeing Nelson take both of their big dicks in his hole is a sight to be seen, thats for sure! The three boys finish up with a nice sticky ending that shouldn't be missed. This all made for one of the hottest gay three-some videos I have seen in a long while.


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Boys Will Fuck For Cash!

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Cody (curly haired blond) is a 6.4 feet college basketball player who says he has been with other guys but only for pay. Luke is a 18 year old gymnastics star that is bi-sexual. He hasn't been with a guy yet, but has had fantasies about what it would be like. These two are brought together by the producer at BrokeStraightBoys for what turns out to be a extreamly hot gay sex video. The horny boys waste not time getting naked and are soon all over each others bodies. Luke makes the first move and grabs Cody's big cock and leans over to suck on it. Cody then reaches over and kissed Luke's chest and stomach as well. After some awesome cock sucking and 69ing the boys are ready to try their first anal sex. Luke got right over Cody's dick and started to sit down, and immediately he was hit with a feeling that he had never felt before. A rush of pain and pleasure at the same time, but once he relaxed some more the pain went away. The two of them started to pick up the pace a little more and before I knew it they were fucking like they have been doing it their entire lives.

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