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Horny Frat Boy Double Stuffed With Cock

Just a year ago we where introduced to this cute college kid named Anthony when he first joined the FraternityX House. Then as it is now this fraternity was filled with sex crazed young guy with nothing parties and sex on their minds.

Anthony was a hit with the brothers from day one but was hesitant to suck a dick at first. Now a year later this boy just can't get enough cock and is always the center of attention at their drunken sex parties.

This week brings us another new video featuring Anthony getting his mouth double stuffed with two big dicks, which is then followed by a good hard ass pounding!

Posted on: July 24, 2012 | From the category:

College Stud Blake Gets Hot and Bothered

Tall and lean college stud Blake Stevenson starts telling us about his first time sex and sexual fetishes. Blake soon has himself all worked up and has to have a release. The next thing we know he's stripping down naked and back on the couch stroking his big hard dick.

Watch Blake Give An Amazing Cumshot On Hot Studs

Posted on: July 09, 2012 | From the category:

New Frat Twink Takes A Big Dick Up His Tight Little Hole

There is always a tight ass ready to be fucked at the FraternityX House and today is no different. Jackson got the party started when he pulled out his big fatty and forced Travis on his knees. Tyler and Anthony forced their dicks into his mouth too. My three buddies face fucked him for a bit than bent him over the bed to plug the other hole. Travis has the tightest hole in the house, and the guys love fucking it!

Posted on: May 22, 2012 | From the category:

Fratmen Cole and Fynn Start Sex In The Shower

Check Out The Free Preview Of Cole and Fynn In Action Here

After sleeping together in the same bed, Cole and Fynn wake partially undressed and share an afternoon shower together. Cole and Fynn had a wild time last night, and they wound up sharing the same bed.

Fynn is the first to rise early in the afternoon. He heads to the shower to start the day, while Cole sleeps in a bit. As Fynn gets some warm water going, Cole throws back the sheets, revealing that he slept the whole night without any briefs. His dick is already swelling and begging for some attention. Cole gives his fat cock a few jerks before looking for Fynn.

Our boys meet up in the shower and pick up where they left off last night. Both of these athletic guys look amazing bathing each other and trading blowjobs. Cole and Fynn leave the shower and dry off, but they stay naked so they can enjoy each other's fit bodies for just a little longer. They'd love for this to continue all afternoon, but they go for another round of cock sucking before jerking off to satisfaction.

Posted on: April 17, 2012 | From the category:

Classic Frat Boy Jerks Out A Huge Cum Shot

Preview Fratmen Freshmen Baxter In Action Here

Every once in a while we come across a classic frat boy and Fratmen Baxter is it. Part shy boy next door, part wild party animal, his classic good looks and sweet broad smile barely hide his stories of drunken escapades and sexual adventure. He's got a smooth bubble butt, a big pretty dick and little tufts of hair in all the right places... And he had a huge cum shot. Hellooooo Baxter.

Posted on: March 25, 2012 | From the category:

Fresh New Pledges Get Gay Hazed

Watch This Entire Pledge Hazing Video Here

From HazeHim: This weeks submission winners weren't fucking around with their pledges. they dragged them out of bed bright and early to begin their final day of hazing. in which they had to leap frog naked, do the famous elephant walk in which they walked in a single file while tugging each others cocks. I mean the brothers at *** made it clear and simple "You either grab that cock or get the fuck out!" and that's exactly what these poor pledges had to do. but what really set this one off was the pledge blow pop. if your curious as to what this might be you'll just have to sign in and see it for yourself. .

Posted on: March 16, 2012 | From the category:

Cute Gay Boy Gets His Ass Initiated

During a college biology class Anthony catchesa fellow student named Myles checking out the ass of another guy. In a effort to get into this boys pants Anthony invites him over to his fraternity for some study time but he forgot to mention just what he wanted to study. Back at the Fraternity X house Anthony introduced him to his fellow cock craving frat brothers and they all are pleased at what they see.

After getting this fresh newcomer a bit drunk soon their cocks come out and Myles finds himself on his knees giving head to three cocks at the same time. When they brothers get a look at the beautiful bubble butt on Myles they can't wait to tap that ass! Next we find Myles bent over as they guys lineup to take a turn fucking this cute college boys gay asshole!

Find The Entire Video Of Myles Getting His Ass Initiated Here

Posted on: March 02, 2012 | From the category:

Dustin Gets Tag-teamed At The Fraternity X House

Watch As Dustin Repays These Frat Boys Here

The Fraternity X House has some new fresh-meat for them to tag-team. Dustin showed up at our doorstep after a weekend of binge drinking with a busted nose from a recent bar fight. The guys let Dustin in for the night but he already knew their kindness would have to be repaid. It did take long before Angelo and Roman noticed just how fine Dustin's little ass was and quickly thought of a way for him to repay them. It wasn't long before Dustin was on him knees sucking off all the men of the frat house. His terrific blow jobs just wasn't enough and next they had Dustin bent over as they took turns pounding his beautiful tight ass! 

Posted on: January 30, 2012 | From the category:

Horny Straight Frat Boys Have 4 on 1 Gay Orgy

Watch All Of Nikko, Spence, Dax, Garrett and Robbie's Gay Orgy Here

You may have dreamed of witnessing a gay fraternity orgy and today that dream comes true in this new video from Straight Fraternity. It's 4 guys on 1 - Nikko, Spence, Dax and Garrett are here with a new guy. They each pull tasks out of the job jar they have to do to get Robbie off. Between the 4 of them they have to work on Robbie's cock, ass, balls and nipples. Dax got cock duty so he started getting Robbie hard. Garrett got his face into Robbie's balls - with a push from Nikko. Everybody got busy while Robbie laid back and enjoyed the attention. Spence got down and played with Robbie's ass while the guys held his legs up. As he was getting closer to shooting Nikko got down and started giving him head too. With all the guys working on him at once, Robbie blew his load on his chest and wondered what hit him.

Posted on: October 22, 2011 | From the category:

College Jock Spreads His Ass Cheeks And Jerks Off

Today's blog post is of Daniel Benda a studly college jock that has a stunning muscular body. When he unbuttons his jeans, his big headed rock hard uncut cock emerges, curving upward. The jeans come off and Daniel leans back taking hold of and stroking his dick. You can watch as this action makes his toes curl. Daniel leans back, lifting his legs and spreading his cheeks, giving a good view of his hairy hole. He whips out a dildo and begins sliding it in and out, giving his ass a nice long fuck. When done, he spreads his cheeks wide and gives an up close shot of his man hole. With Daniel as horny as hell, he lays back taking hold of his bulging cock and with just a few strokes, he finishes with a thick white creamy load!

Posted on: August 02, 2011 | From the category:

Country College Boy Gets Gay Hazed

Watch A Free Preview Of This Gay Frat Hazing Video Here

At the annual rush week house party the guys have something very gay planned for their new pledges. The first pledge is a college country boy how his about to be pushed to his limits. He is told to ended a room upstairs at the party bare naked where he finds two guys on the couch with their dicks hanging out. He is told if he ever wants to be a frat house member he needs to service his frat brothers dicks first. He reluctantly sucked the guys off and then is told that he must take a dick up his ass. Like a good boy he does what he is told and the guys tag-team this straight boys ass.

Posted on: May 09, 2011 | From the category:

Three Pledges Make A Gay Porno

See A Free Preview Of This Amateur Gay Frat Video Here

This fraternity is low of cash and figure the best way to make some cash is to make their own gay porn video. Since none of the fraternity brothers will do the video they get some new pledges to do it for them with the promise of membership into the frat house. These young naive pledges will do anything to be excepted. The pledges are made to wear colorful thongs and oil up in a tiny pool together. That is just the beginning as their made to do all sorts of questionable poses and gay sex tasks, ultimately leading to one of them getting their virgin boy ass fucked.

Posted on: March 27, 2011 | From the category: ,