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Cute Stud Fucks His First Ass With A Big Grin

Quinn is a rising star at CF and this is his first time breaking in a newbie – and he says he was super excited to be the one to break Gentry in. You never know quite how it’s going to go, even after all these years. Sometimes these guys surprise you and having sex with a guy is so relaxed and natural they get in the moment immediately.

Gentry loved the attention Quinn’s hands and tongue gave him, and seemed a little surprised at times how much he was loving it! Quinn is an excellent kisser, and Gentry responded to that almost as much as Quinn’s mouth on his cock. There was no hesitation, just a passionate response every time their lips met. Of course, there was some hot sex involved as well! Quinn went down on Gentry enthusiastically Quinn looks up at one point with a HUGE grin on his face.

The guys both laugh when Gentry suggests Quinn lick his ass. That drives Gentry crazy once Quinn is down there. Gentry’s dick is rock hard and he can’t stop telling Quinn how good it feels. Gentry sucks Quinn’s cock, eager to make his new buddy feel as good as he does. Gentry’s ready to fuck, so he lies down and Quinn climbs on top of him.

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Young Freshmen Fantasizes About A Boy While Jerking

This new 18 year old freshmen is a little nervous during his first solo but that didn't stop him from getting naked in record time. Blake has an adorable face and a sexy smooth body that his very fit and tanned. He is sure a welcome addition to the Corbin Fisher line-up of amazing young men.

Before started his debut porno Blake tells us about his first time having sex and it was with a boy in the back of his car when he was just 16. Blake says he loved the typical tall, dark and handsome guys. After getting to know this young hottie for awhile he then finishes getting naked.

He starts off dropping the back of his underwear giving us a peak at his beautiful fuckable smooth bubble butt. Finally he turns around and we get to take in his entire naked body. Blake was hard from the start and soon begins working his hard dick. As he leans back stroking his bone I can only imagine what he must be going to his dream man in his imagination.

Finally all that dick spanking does the trick and Blake starts breathing heavy. Just moments later and Blake blasts out a thick sticky load out onto his hard stomach. After he finished with his orgasm Blake tells us that he was thinking about the last guy he had sex with as he came all over himself.

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CorbinFisher - Harper Fucks Landon Bareback

You would have no idea these two studs where relative newbies to the whole gay sex thing. Landon at age 23 is the newest having only done a solo dick jerking video and a straight sex scene on the American College Sex site. Harper is just 21 and has done sex scenes with a few other men on the site since his debut early this year.

From the very start of the video both guys could hard wait to get their hands on each others hard muscular bodies. Harper being the more experienced his the first with a cock in his mouth showing Landon just how it's done. Landon is a quick learner and reciprocates giving Harper an equally amazing blowjob.

Next Harper warms up Landon's virgin ass for a good hard fucking with a wonderful ass rimming. After he is finished he slides his big raw dick deep into Landon's tight hole. Soon he picks up even more speed ramming in and out of that ass. Landon looks to be loving every inch of Harper's big long dick invading him.

After being rammed in several positions Landon is ready to blow and blasts out a nice big load onto his ripped hard abs. Harper isn't far behind and quickly pulls out to drench Landon with a second big healthy cumshot.

This is one of the hottest gay bareback video I have watched all year and surprisingly it was from two newcomers. Hope you enjoy this one!

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Hunky Exhibitionist Rubs Out A Huge Load

Watch Newcomer Brock Jerk His Cock Only On Corbin Fisher

Today I have for you a sexy muscular exhibitionist who is also a bit bi curious. Brock likes girls primarily but he admits he can find a defined muscular guy attractive. Probably because he's so buff himself! When Brock jerks off he tells us he likes to think about being dominant and having rough sex.

Brock then slides his underwear down to lets us see his dick and his perfect round ass. This buff hunk rubs his chest and hard stomach as he strokes his cock. Finally his jerking became even more furiously before finally busting out a huge thick load of cum all over himself!

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Cute College Twink With A Big Dick

See Chandler Jerking His Huge Dick Here

Chandler is a sexy 20 year old college boy with a nice big surprise waiting to excape in his pants. He tells us during his interview that in bed he can be soft and sensual and then wild when he wants to be. Something tells me that with that enormous dick of his he is wild most of the time. With a tool the size of his he could satisfy even the most demanding bottom boy!

Posted on: January 03, 2012 | From the category:

New Freshmen Reece Pounds Rudy's Tight Asshole

Newcomer Reece has shown us not only his juggling skills, but his hot body and thick cock. Now he's going to show Rudy how he fucks!

These two guys kiss. Rudy is turned on by Reece's ripped abs and thick pecs. In fact, Rudy is turned on by almost everything about Reece! He licks his nipples, his thighs, his abs - almost anywhere he can his tongue can reach.

Rudy feeds Reece his cock. Reece deepthroats Rudy's hard dick while Rudy strokes Reece's cock. Reece sucks on Rudy's balls. Reece slowly licks his way up the shaft, making Rudy moan.

Reece is really into Rudy's cock but he is ready to fuck that ass. Reece slides his cock into Rudy's ass. Rudy's cock jumps as that big dick goes inside him. "It's so big," Rudy gasps. Reece's abs flex deliciously as he fucks Rudy slowly. Reece pushes Rudy's legs even farther over and drills him deeper. The guys kiss. Rudy tells him to pound that ass. He holds Rudy's wrists together and rocks him back and forth, fucking him harder.

Reece pounds Rudy's ass. Rudy strokes his cock while he gets fucked. Getting Rudy back into the missionary position, he fucks a big load out of Rudy. "Let me see that cum," Reece tells him.

Rudy blasts a big load all over his chest and stomach. Reece pulls out shoots his load all over Rudy's chest and stomach as well! Drenched in cum the guys take a shower together and talk about their hot fuck!

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Two Experienced Men Demonstrate How It's Done

Watch More Of Travis And Sean Showing The Freshmen How It's Done Here

Two experienced young studs at Travis and Sean are paired up to show the freshmen just how it is done and maybe learn a few new tricks of their own. From the second they both entered the room these two guy could hardly wait to get their hands on each other. They start making out moments later Travis is down on his knees to wrap his lips around Sean's juicy cock and practices his deepthroat technique. Once he had finished show off how much of Sean dick he can handle in his throat the men move into the 69 position and they service each others manhood. Travis can hold back his desire to be inside Sean and longer and moves in to penetrate his tight ass. Sean lets out a loud moan as Travis slides his dick deeper into him. The guys switch up positions a few times finally ending in the missionary position and cover in cum. 

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Muscular Young Red Haired Stud Jerks Off

Watch More Of Clayton's Debut Jerk Off Video Here

This easy-going red-head's clear blue eyes sparkle when he laughs and tells us about his first sexual encounter. Clayton was at a friend's party and a bunch of people all got into a large bathtub together. My first thought is ... how big can a bathtub be? In any event, Clayton ended up in his friend's parents' bed with a girl from the bathtub.

Clayton was nervous about doing it the first time, but he says he ended up doing pretty well. He likes girls, especially short, well-built ones that he can actually pick up and move around! He also doesn't mind a girl dominating and riding him. He also said he's been handcuffed before. This stud definitely has a wild side!

However, Clayton's never been with a guy, but he says he's open to it. I love to hear that kind of talk! He started jerking off when he was 12 or 13. Clayton watches videos when he jerks, but prefers to think about some of his past experiences. He shared some of the wilder ones with us. 

To stay in shape for all that sex, Clayton works out three times a week. His muscular build comes from a lot of weightlifting. All that work at the gym has sculpted his body into a solid mass of hot muscle! Clayton strokes his thick cock as he sits on the sofa outside. He rubs his full nuts. At one point, he jerks the shaft and rubs the head at the same time with both hands.

His red pubes glisten in the sunlight as he lubes up again. He jerks his cock harder. His attention is totally focused on his dick. Clayton breathes heavy and his head lays back as he builds to a climax. He looks straight in the camera as he shoots a thick load. This boy isn't shy at all!

Clayton continues to stroke the last drops of cum from his dick, and rubs it on his stomach. He says he was thinking of the girl he fucked on the balcony. Guess we may need to build a second floor for this guy!

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Matthew Shows Off His Hairy Body

See More Of Matthew's First Solo Video Here

Matthew is a tall, handsome young man with a wide smile and gorgeous blue eyes. This 22 year-old comes off a little bit naive, and it's captivating. He's never done anything on video before - even at home. However, his nervousness makes him even more charming.

He used to play football in middle school, but now, he mainly jogs to stay in shape. Matthew takes off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and thick abs. His cock is long and uncut, and he has some of the lowest hanging balls I've seen in a while. With another wide grin, Matthew admits he hasn't come in a week and is ready to start rubbing out one for us.

Settling back in the chair, he starts stroking his dick and his big nut sack jerks up and down along with his hand. His expression intensifies as he gets into it and his cock gets fully erect. Matthew then moves to the bed and continues to jerk his cock. His expression is pretty intense. Suddenly, a slow, thick load of cum oozes out. It splatters the head of his dick, spills onto the shaft, and some lands on his pubes.

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Ezra Shows His Kinky Side

Watch Ezra Rub One Out Here

What can I say about a boy as cute as Ezra. Those puppy-dog eyes and wholesome boy good looks lead you to beleave this is a sweet inocent guy but he is quite far from that. Ezra tells about his wild kinky side that includes some spanking and even domination. This straight boy really knows how to show a girl a good time in bed. But he does have a soft side saying he also loved to get intimate and cuddling at times.

When he finally gets down to business he greases up that long cock of his and, oh what a hot sight it is! His long dick is nice and fat, and he quickly gets over his nerves about being filmed. Ezra rubbed his nipples and abs as he stroked his dick. But perhaps the hottest thing of all was when he finally shot his load, he slowly keeps stroking. He massaged his warm cum all over his dick and balls and then rubbed it along his stomach and leg.

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Cameron Masturbates In The Shower

>>Cameron's Full Solo Video Can Be Seen Here<<

I have to admit i'm crazy over this newest addition to the CorbinFisher site. Cameron is his name and I have to tell you all this young stud is the total package. This young confident 19 year old has an amazing ripped body, a cute bubble butt and a yummy 7 inch cock. Camron tells in his interview how he plays lots of soccer, works out regularly, and has plenty of sex to saticfy his high sex drive! I'm willing to bet this straight boy has no problems getting girls in bed.

Camron is eager to get down to business and strips naked before heading to the shower. Once the water starts flowing over his sexy teen body Cameron gets to work stroking a load out for us. While his first solo was very erotic I can't wait to see even more fom this young hottie.

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Dru Worships Cain’s Big Dick

(Watch The Entire Dru and Cain Video Here)

Well all I have to say is it's about time that Corbin Fisher got these two hot studs together. Dru and Cain make for a great team up and the intense action between them is definitely worth watching. These two insanely horny, young guys really go at it in this new video! Dru can' get enough of sucking on Cain's big dick while Cain sucks on Dru's toes driving him absolutely wild. If you have a foot fetish this video is sure to do it for you. There is some intense foot worship in this hardcore film. Cain then bends over to take Dru's entire dick in his ass. All while moaning for more and more inside him. Dru literally fucks the cum of of Cain as he spills his load all over his fine smooth abs. Dru then pulls out of Cain's tight hole to blow is load down his throat and all over his face! This all makes for two insanely hot cum shots at the end that your not gonna want to miss.

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