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Young Lad Stuff's A Mature Daddies Face Balls Deep

Sometimes a it take a mature man like Jake to satisfy a boy as demanding as Chance Logan.

Jake Cruise writes: He is adorable! Look at his eyes and cute smile. He’s full of laughs and soon my mouth is full of his cock. I peal his clothes off and look at the size 12 shoes Chance is sporting. I make sure to give his big, beautiful feet a good lick. Chance Logan lays down on the bed and I swallow him down to his balls. My young friend tastes amazing, especially his hole. I love eating and licking his sweet hole. Chance fucks my face hard and makes me gag. He’s so mean! I show him who’s boss in the end as I jerk Chance Logan’s cock to a creamy finish and make him lick his cum off my fingers. Watch The Full Scene On Jake Cruise

Posted on: November 19, 2012 | From the category:

Sexy Lean Lad Has His Ass Violated

Download The Video Of Yuris Being Violated By His Daddy Instructors

In this newest video from Clothed Male, Nude Male: Shop instructors have some real fun after class with their new shop student. Yuris is one adorable young lad and who finds himself being being violated by his mature instuctors. Once they got Yuris naked they helped him up onto the shop table where they viotate his tight hole with some lubed up machanic tools. Turns out this lad his a eager bottom boy and he loved every minute of it!

Posted on: March 14, 2012 | From the category:

Curious Twink Gets The Full Body Treatment By A Gay Daddy

This straight California Twink is about to experience his first erotic gay massage, complete with a very happy ending. Matthew Keading is just 18 with a amazing lean young body that just begs to be touched. Gay daddy Chad Brock oiled his hands and gives this twink a full body rub down. When he works his hands over Matthew's beautiful butt he hikes his ass into the air and Chad fingers his virgin hole followed by a quick rim job. Moving on from this boys ass Chad has him lay back down on the table where he continues exploring every inch of his think teen boy body. Chad then takes Matthew's cock into his mouth and works his magic making him tremble in pure pleasure. Matthew's body quivers one last time as he gushes out a nice big load of up out onto his smooth lean abs. Matthew ended by saying "that was amazing".

Posted on: August 22, 2011 | From the category:

Daddies Shower Peep Show!

Boy do we have a hot daddy / son video for you today. Sebastian is a sexy gay 19 year old that has a thing for older men. Nick is in the shower washing off after a workout at the gym. Little does he know he has unexpected company. Sebastian has arrived early and is helping himself to quite the peep show through the open bathroom door until Nick catches him. Sebastian high tails it back to the couch; grabs a magazine, and acts all innocent. He's confronted soon enough by Nick, wearing only a towel and a grin. "I saw you peeping." Sebastian tries to deny it, until Nick gives him something better than a magazine to look at. The towel comes off as Sebastian's hands start to explore Nick's muscular bod. This daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian is more than happy to show his appreciation. Nick's cock is soon in warmer waters as Sebastian's mouth gets a hold of it. He slurps and gags on Nick's massive meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian's throat while holding his head in place. Nick then wants to return the favor as he puts Sebastian on the couch and goes down on his own aching cock. Sebastian lies back and watches for a while before his urge for more "Moretti Meat" takes over him. He gets Nick on a chair and gets his hungry lips all over that thick cock. He's got it bad! We can't blame him. Sebastian slurps and swallows as much dick as he can, getting Nick hornier for a lot more than oral.

Posted on: January 31, 2010 | From the category: