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Young Jockey Has His Ass Inspected

Trainer Fred is encouraged to take his athletic young jockey in hand and lighten his load by emptying his balls. Rival Toby is only too happy to get his hand around Bobby's prick to roughly handle him. His sensitive prick responds to the pressure showing this little muscular man is able to grow an enormous throbbing erection. The nervous jockey can only stand there as his sex is manipulated and he's drained of his semen.


Posted on: December 04, 2012 | From the category:

Scott Dean Strokes His Dick Poolside

Scotty Dean is simply stunning in his bright red swimsuit! His sexy bisexual porn star can usually be seen fucking but today he is chilling poolside. It isn't long before Scotty Dean is naked.

With his GQ good looks and sexy grin Scotty drops his shorts and flops out his already hard fat dick. He gives it a few jerks and then lays by the pool caressing his naked body. All that fondling soon has him horny and he begins to stroke his dick.

He then turns and gently thrusts his hips up and down, fucking the lounge chair. Feeling an on coming orgasm, scotty then rolls over to blast a amazing cum gusher. He's left with pools of cum all over his shaved smooth hard abs!

Posted on: July 31, 2012 | From the category:

Teen English Lad Jerks His Hard Cock

Watch Naughty Lad Dilan Wank His Cock On EnglishLads

Dilan is a young lad who has not long turned eighteen and he has this innocent boy look yet that rather confident charm that his smile oozes! A naughty young lad who has a very athletic body, hair free body, quite hairy legs and one very hairy bum!

Dilan is fun on camera he has that ability to look at the camera, get very turned on and up pops his erection; and you get to appreciate how hard this young man’s cock is. Dilan plays with his hard meat and after its workout he unloads, squirting lots of globules into the air, landing everywhere and he smiles and his balls looks suitably unloaded!

Posted on: April 03, 2012 | From the category:

Jock Wants A Big Cock In Rammed In His Ass

Jake Andrews is dripping with sex. One look at this hairy muscular jock and you'll be able to think of nothing but sucking on his nice big cock or fucking that hot ass of his. He's got dark blond hair and the perfect amount of sexy facial scruff to make him look wild hot without being unkempt. And you can't look into those deep blue eyes without popping a boner. His chest and stomach are lightly furry with a great patch of pubes. No manscaping here, Jake likes it all natural. And when he pounds his meat he really gets into it. He uses one hand to work up and down the shaft while he uses the other to reach down to his hairy hole and work a finger or two in. And the way his mouth opens and his eyes close while he's working his own body, you can tell that he's fantasizing about some hot stud ramming his ass, or maybe a three way orgy. He's a bottom and proud of it, totally loving it when his ass gets pounded. He shoots a nice thick load of jizz all over his hands while letting out these husky moans that are like erotic music to go along with the super hot visuals of cum dripping off of his fingers.

Posted on: November 27, 2011 | From the category:

Young Jock Jerks Off In Hockey Gear

If you missed seeing this amazing hockey boy named JP in last weeks update on FratMen.tv you missed see one amazing show. JP is just 19 and this fantastic boy loves getting naked for the camera. JP has a twinkish build but still offers plenty of muscles on his small frame. To compliment his smooth flawless body JP also has a hot bubble butt and a nice thick dick that jerks masterfully for us in the shower and also in the bedroom.

Posted on: July 11, 2011 | From the category:

Martial Arts Jock Jerks At The Gym

See Raphael's Awesome Cum Shot Here

Raphael is a fighter from the east coast and a UFC fanatic who trains everyday. His muscular body is proof that all that boxing and mixed martial arts certainly pays off. He's got a feisty streak that he takes out on the punching bag and his uncut cock.

Raphael then shows us his skills at the gym and this jock can really throw a punch!

Raphael has a super hot muscular ass and uncut cock with the prefect amount of foreskin. He then parks his cute ass on the balance ball as he grabs his cock with one hand and fondles his tight ball-sac with the other. Raphael then delivers up a awesome cum shot that you just have to see.

Posted on: August 10, 2010 | From the category:

Uncut Jock Bares All

Sexy jock Gaston plays with the growing bulge underneath his boxer briefs. Gaton slowly pulls down his underwear, exposing a thick shaft of uncut man meat that quickly grows to an impressive boner. While continuing to stroke his shaft he bends over the couch to give us a nice peak at his perfect ass and hairy hole! Gaston then gives us an intense cum shot and squirts off huge load all over his ripped hard abs!

Posted on: July 26, 2010 | From the category:

Muscular Latin Jock Bares All

See This Muscle Stud In Action Here

Today I have for you one sexy muscular 24 year old Latin stud by the name of Fabrini. Fabrini says in the pre shoot interview that he absolutely loves working out, which is pretty obvious when you look at his ripped hard body. Fabrini has a nice 7" fat cock which he says he loves having sucked but admits his favorite thing to do is have his sweet ass rimmed!

Posted on: May 26, 2010 | From the category:

Naked Jock Training

A stern Swedish trainer forces her top college athletes to exercise naked and get a cock and ass inspection in front of cheerleaders. Sexy swimmer Steve is the first jock to strip down completely in front of her with all the other athletes following after him. When the confident woman walks down the line examining the sportsmen's cocks she gives Steve a smile and brushes against his still flaccid dick. See this outrageous video of jocks forced to workout naked and jerk off together at CFNMtv!

Posted on: April 07, 2010 | From the category:

Super Sexy Jock - Troy

At six feet tall and 180lbs Troy is one hot young jock. Troy pulls down his jogging suit to reveal his nice dick and fit sexy body. This beautiful boy is like candy for the eyes!

Posted on: November 10, 2009 | From the category:

BukBuddies Presents - Jack

Cute young naked jock

I could spend a lot of time taking about how hot Jack is but I will contain my excitement and keep it short so you enjoy his beautiful young body! Jack is a 19 yr old straight jock. This boy looks so sexy in his basketball uniform I just can't see how he could be any hotter! What a cute face and sexy bod! You won't want to miss his video here at BukBuddies.

Posted on: July 20, 2009 | From the category:

Men wrestling hardcore!

From WrestlingHard: The video starts with newcomer muscleman, Romano Rocky, teaching his gorgeous Russian student some wrestling moves. The student, Albert Cannon, is a very good wrestler. He is also strong. Romano is very happy with his muscle man student. As they end the wrestling practice, Albert challenges coach Romano to a sparring session. Romano refuses at first but Albert taunts him. Then he subjects his student in various throws and holds and simply dominating him. Romano forcefeeds his speedo to the sexy Russian adonis who is cursing his coach in Russian. After that, clothes are all off and it becames a naked wrestling match.

Next comes the hot gay sex between these guys and since these two are real passionate lovers in real life, one can see the chemistry building. Deep-throat blowjobs and intense fucking is what follows. Coach Romano does what evey good coach usually do in these situations - cum on his student face ! The student was just happy to be a good student and good licker of the wonderful milk from his coaches cock!

Posted on: May 25, 2009 | From the category: