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Me and Jock Boy


The day started out like any other, but today he was mine. As I walked into the front lobby from the cold, I saw him, Tyce, the modern adonis of every high school. He’s tall and muscular with the lightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen and a perfect tan that made his silver blonde hair stand out. With me, john , being just your average guy who never stood out in a crowd, I have dark brown hair with jet black eyes and no tan at all with a medium build and a large cock for my body size (8 inches). Its undeniable that he was the hottest gut in school, and he knew hat he was every guy’s (gay or straight)wet dream.

As I walked past him and his usual group of lemmings I looked up and saw that he was staring at me and I flushed as I sprang a boner. I just tried to hide it and limp away, but he broke away from the group( which looked like he had just made a huge mistake in doing since they all just snorted and walked off) and walked towards me. I moved faster trying to get away, but he caught up to me instantly, he spoke and I went numb.

“Nice tent.” he said in his heavenly voice.

“What?” I said after a while

“Your cock’s hard.” he said.

“What?” I said trying to sound surprised, but he just smiled and led me out of the side door that led to the football field. The cold air stung my eyes and cheeks as we walked. He guided me across the field and under the bleachers on the far side of the feild and as soon as we were out of sight he kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before. I never wanted it to stop.

“Omg that was the best kiss I’ve ever had.”I said mimicking my thoughts.

“Thanks, you weren’t so bad either! Now lets see what you’ve got to offer.”with that he dropped to his knees and began to unbutton my jeans, but I stopped him, “ I want to taste you first.” I told him. “But I have had a crush on you since sixth grade.( Were sophomores in high school) It’s you’re eyes they’ve always just seemed too pull me in.”he told me this and I went weak, my crush of a lifetime had a crush on me, you’re average guy whom no one noticed, ever! With these words I nodded my head and told him that I’d wait. And so he unzipped my pants and slid them down my legs and the cold air upon my bare leg sent chills down my spine. “Don’t worry you’ll be warm soon enough.”

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With that he took my cock from the slit in my boxers and licked up and down the shaft, It felt like heaven. “Omg you have a huge cock I can’t get all the way down with you’re boxers on.” Tyce said with my hard cock still in his mouth, “ Can I slip off you’re boxers?”. “Yes, yes just don’t stop!” his mouth moved off my cook and the cold air made my cock stand even higher. He slipped a finger in the waistband and slid the left side down but then I felt his hot breath on my waist and his warm mouth bit my boxers and tugged at them until they were at my ankles. “ That’s better.” he said as he took my cock back into his loving mouth and began to swivel his tongue around my cock head. “ You taste so good.”he told me as he sucked on my cock so lovingly and tenderly it was like a everything just melted away.

But my body began to tense up with anticipation. “ I’m gonna cum! Ooooohhhhhhhhh shhhit!” I yelled and with that I blew my biggest load ever down his manly throat. Once he was done drinking my sweet man nectar he looked up at me and smiled with a droplet hanging from his chin, he moved up and went to kiss me but I stopped him and licked my cum off his chin, and kissed him. I let the cum move back and forth between our mouths as we kissed.. “Now it’s my turn he said as he sat up and undid his pants and took them off his perfect legs. You could tell that he had a hefty schlong from the outline in his briefs. He told me to lay down on my back and I happily did so bringing knowing what was coming up. He slid his briefs down to his ankles and worked his feet free. I gawked at the size of his cock.(omg it was like totally huge I’m talking like ass stretching the size of a small pothole huge, it was like ten inches long and like as wide as a beer can!!!!) I shook my head no, but he assured me that he would go easy on me.

He reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a bottle of lube and greased his humongous cut cock all over, he then spread the cold fluid on my tight rosebud and he inserted a finger inside me. He continued to finger fuck me for abut ten minutes in which time he inserted his entire fist in preparation. I was hard again when he finally took out his fist, my ass felt so empty when he took it out, but it was quickly replaced by his throbbing dick. His head entered easily from all the wonderful work he did to my ass and the rest of his cock soon followed. He started off slow, with slow yet forceful thrusts. He continued to fuck me like this for about ten minutes the whole time focusing on my eyes, it would have gone on like this forever until I yelled at him “Fuck me harder, come on Ty just fuck me like I know you want to.” with that he laid into my ass with all he had, he slammed me like there was no tomorrow.

After what seemed like an eternity his face began to contort from the ecstacy. His body covered in his sweat and his cock expanding in my ass, it was sheer bliss. This was too much for me . I shoot another load all over my chest and stomach. For the first time since he started to fuck me he spoke, “I’m gonna cum! Oohhh ssshhiiit!” with that he slammed all the way in me and let loose all the cum he had to offer. He then collapsed on top of me with his cock still shrinking in my ass. We laid together until sunset, just talking. When the sun had set we decided to use the school showers to wash up, so we peeled our selves apart and picked up our stuff and made our way to the field house showers

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Once we got there we showered each other off and played around. I began to get hard again with all the fooling around. “ It’s my turn .” I said as I dropped to my knees and began to play with his hardening dick. I began to lick up and down his huge shaft and formed a ring under his cock head with my tongue and slid my tongue back and forth under his shaft. I took his head into my mouth and began to give the best bj I’ve ever given. This time he only lasted of couple of minutes before he came, but this time only the clear part of the cum came out, no sperm. “ I have to fuck you. Now get on your hands and knees.” I ordered him. And with that he dropped on his hands and knees and stuck his ass up waiting for me to fuck him good.

I positioned myself behind him and slammed into him instead of taking it slow. He cried out in pain but I kept on going, he was gonna pay for making me wait to fuck him. I drove in and out as fast as I thought I could go, with the warm water running over my body and his . But then I heard a voice scream “What the fuck is goin’ on in there?. Who’s fuckin’ in my locker room?” I froze and shrunk as Coach Caracas walked into the doorway into the showers he about 28 and very good looking for a coach.” Ty you got another one did ya? He looks pretty hot. I don’t think I’ve seen you at this school before? What’s you’re name?” He spoke and I just listened. But Tyce spoke up. “His name’s John coach. He goes to our school but you’ll never see him on the field because he’s in the I.B. program. He’s a thinker not a fighter.” that pissed me off because I’ve had to hold my own many a time. “ Coulda fooled me with the sounds he was havin’ you make.” the coach snorted. Well gee at least he didn’t doubt me. “Yeah he really laid into me coach. He gave me the best ride I’ve ever had. Besides you of course coach.” He said this and I got hard again. “Is that so? Then let’s what ya got. Go on, get to it. I wanna see what you’re made of you puss.” With that I pulled out and slammed into Tyce as hard as I could and rode him like if I didn’t I was gonna die. When I looked up the coach was standing in the doorway with his cock pulled out of his fly quickly jacking off. I looked back down at Ty and then to the doorway again and the coach was gone. But I kept going .I looked down at Ty and saw that he was jacking himself off in rhythm with my thrusts. All of a sudden the showers were filled with the most butch guys you could imagine all jacking off, with the coach standing behind them smiling. It wasn’t long before they began to cum. The cum flew all over the place with most of it ending up on me and my jock slave. Once they were done the room cleared almost instantly, with them leaving no trace except their cum. I was ready to cum, so just slammed into him for the last time with all my strength. This sent him off and made him cum. But I was just getting started by the time he finished. So I just sat there and let the cum flow from my softening cock as I collapsed on top of him. My weight must have been too much for him because fell to the tile floor with a slight groan. I got up and washed my self off in the warm water, that felt so good.

When I left he was still passed out on the floor heaving in ecstacy.