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Swim Practice Fun


Hi. My name is Alex. I'm 6'2", 165 pounds. I have blond hair and blue eyes. My body is very lithe and toned from all of my swimming. Let me tell you about the time I got more "practice" from my coach then I ever expected.

My team and I were swimming laps, getting ready for our upcoming meet against our rival team, the Warriors. We'd been swimming for over two hours and it was almost time to go home. After another half hour, everybody got out of the pool and went to hit the showers except me. I am the team's all-star swimmer, so I decided to stay a little later and try to improve my lap time. My coach was still in the pool area and saw me training. He came into the pool and helped me work on my technique. I watched as he stroked through the water with his muscular arms. My eyes trailed down his body, starting from his head of luxurious brown locks to his powerful legs. He had a huge barrel chest with a sparse covering of hair. His six pack rippled with every stroke he took. My eyes then trailed to the line of brown hair leading into his tight blue Speedo.

This revealed the prominent outline of his more than average sized cock. I knew I was gay since I was 14. Now, four years later, I've had plenty of sexual experiences with some of my friends but never with an older man, especially one as hunky as my coach. After about an hour, we decided to hit the shower because we had an early practice the next morning. We entered the now empty locker room and went to our lockers. Because I was the best swimmer on the team, my coach went to great lengths to make me as comfortable as possible. He even assigned me a locker right next to his in case I needed anything from his first aid kit. I loved this perk more than the others because it gave me a chance to look at my coach's naked body at every practice.

Tonight was no exception. I stared at his at his beautiful bubble butt through his Speedo. He then reached down to his waist and started to take off that thin blue bit of spandex. My cock was already semi-hard from our swim session, but now it turned into a full-blown, raging hard-on. Usually the whole team is in the locker room which keeps his attention off of me, but tonight it was just us two and it was hard to hide my big stiffy in my little Speedo. If he turned around, he would definitely notice it. And too my horror (and pleasure) he did turn around, giving me a great view of his 6 inch soft penis.

"Wow," he said, staring at my crotch. "That's quite a piece of equipment you got there."
"Thanks," I said. "You're not doing too bad yourself."
"You wanna see this puppy close up?" he asked, stroking his cock into an increasingly erect state.
"Would I ever!" I practically threw myself at his cock and started stroking it lovingly. I looked up at him and saw that he had thrown his head back in ecstasy. He was moaning every now and then, increasing in volume with each thrust of my hand. I then started licking his long, 11" shaft up and down from the tip of his helmet to the base of his thick, brown bush.

"Ooohhh, Alex!" he moaned, grabbing my hair. "Oh fuck that feels so good. But now it's my turn to worship your big meat stick."

I sat down on the bench in front of my locker and took off my Speedo, unleashing my 9" cock from its cage. My coach then got on his knees and plunged my cock straight down his throat. It was so hot and warm I couldn't keep from letting out a long, guttural moan.

"Ooohhh, Alex, you taste so good. Your precum is leaking out of you like a faucet. Alright, it's time to hit the showers. Come on Alex."

I was disappointed because I thought the fun was all over. I followed him reluctantly into the showers. He had already turned his on and beckoned me to the one next to him. I turned it on and stepped under the hot, streaming water. I watched as my coach lathered himself with soap. He was rubbing his body up and down, swirling the soap sensuously over his body. I started to wash myself when he suddenly walked up to me and asked me to wash his back for him.
"Sure, no problem."

I took the soap from him and started washing his back. I started in small circles and worked my way around his back, increasing the size of the circle with each stroke until I was down to his high, firm bubble butt. I lathered up his ass, then let the soap fall to the shower floor. I started massaging his cheeks with my hands, kneading his cheeks and working my hands over every inch of his plump buttocks.

I decided to make things more erotic and opened up his cheeks to reveal his hairy little pucker. I used some of the soap on his ass and started rubbing his hole with teasing strokes.
"I want your fingers inside me," he said, pushing himself against my hand. So I put one finger in and started pumping in and out. I then stuck two more fingers in and started fucking him with my fingers fast and hard.
"Ooohhh, Alex, I need your cock inside me now."

I was more than happy to oblige. He got on all fours and exposed his little pucker to me once again. I lined up my cock with his hole and plunged myself into his hole up to the hilt, having already adequately prepared him with my fingers. I moved in and out with long, slow strokes, getting him more excited with each thrust.

"Fuck me harder! Oooh! Faster! Harder!" He was moving back into me with each thrust, taking it farther into him. I was hitting his prostate with each thrust, sending him into fits of ecstasy.

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I, too, was having trouble controlling myself. "Ooohh, Coach I'm gonna cum!" He let out a loud moan which sent me over the edge. With a final thrust and a lou grunt, I spilled my cream deep inside of his man-pussy.
"Oh, Coach, that was great."
"Yeah. And now it's my turn to let loose. Come on, it's time to show this monster the attention it deserves." He laid down on his back and started stroking himself slowly. I took over for him and started sucking his massive mushroom cap. I slowly licked all the way around his cock to the hilt then gave his huge bull balls some attention. I sucked first one, then the other, savoring the salty taste of his sack. I then moved back up to his head and shoved as much of his thick, long rod down my throat as I could I bobbed my head back and forth, savoring my coach's precum as it oozed from his piss slit. I moved back up to his dick head and started sucking it hard, making the blood flow to it, causing it to turn a deep red. Coach then grabbed my head and started fucking my face. I nearly gagged on his thick rod, but I managed to handle it.

"Ooohhh, yeah, Alex. Take my cock in your mouth you little bitch!" He started thrusting harder and harder and I could tell he was about to cum because I felt his balls tense up and his cock getting thicker.

"Ooohh, shit!!" And with that final yell, he erupted into my mouth, filling me with his thick, hot man juice. There was so much that it started to trickle out of my mouth. After finishing emptying his load, he grabbed my head and pulled me into a deep kiss, tasting his own cum on my tongue. He let me go and this time we actually took a real shower. Back at our lockers, we got dressed and left, drained from our sex romp. Coach drove me home, and before I shut the door, he asked me "So, are you staying late after practice tomorrow?"

"You bet!" I told him.
"Great! I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early!" And with a wink, he drove off, leaving me staring after him, greatly anticipating our "after practice session."