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Seduced By A Friend


I knew this guy in high school named Nick. We used to smoke a lot of pot together after school. He made an odd habit out of mooning me and exposing his naughty bits to me. I would just laugh these pranks off as jokes, but on the inside seeing his naked body really got me horny. I know now that he was trying to turn me on however unconsciously on his part, and it certainly accomplished that. He really got into my head. I began fantasizing about touching his penis and smacking his butt, when I was jerking off at night. He had a very handsome dick, and it was the first one that really enjoyed getting a peek of. I even decided that I would suck his dick if I ever got the chance. This led me to worry that I was in the process of losing

Then, one summer evening before I left for college, we got especially baked off of a number of bowl packs. Nick then asked a very loaded question, which was whether I had any homosexual tendencies. I responded that I believed everyone had those tendencies to some extent, but I didn't have any especially strong urges. In other words, I let my timidity get the best of me, as I couldn't bring myself to admit that I secretly admired his body. He then asked if I ever touched another man's penis. I responded that I hadn't, and returned the question to him. He said he had, and that he thought it was pretty cool.

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Then, he asked if I would like to touch his dick. I was getting pretty worked up by our conversation, but I still tried to resist his proposition and declined. He suggested I just try it and see if I like it. As he was saying this, he dropped his pants and boxers revealing his gorgeous cock.

Saying nothing, I reached for his inner thigh, and ran my hand up towards his genitals. Eventually, I started stroking his dick gently. Gradually, I increased the pressure till I had a good hold on his unit. I felt his cock begin to swell in response to my touch. I thought this was rather neat, and chuckled a little with delight as his penis slowly expanded to its fully erect length. I thought to myself that Nick was right when he said touching cocks was pretty cool.

Now, he asked me to take my clothes off, and I complied. He told me to turn around, and as I did, he began playing with my ass. I felt gentle pats, playful pinches, and a vigorous rub. This reminded me of how I often felt the desire to reach out and fondle his cute little cheeks whenever Nick was busy mooning people.

"You have a sexy booty," Nick commented. I never thought of myself as having a "booty," but the compliment felt really nice as I wasn't used to being looked at as a object of desire.

"You have a nice dick," I responded. I felt supremely naughty in that wonderful sort of way as I said these words. I felt a sense of relief as I, for the first time, verbally expressed my delight in seeing cock.

"Do you want to suck it?" he queried. I nodded and promptly fell to my knees. This was exactly what I hoping to hear, and my body was teeming with excitement as my fantasies were suddenly materializing before me. As I put my head near his crotch, I could smell that distinctive smell of the penis and scrotum. It made me even more eager to get his cock in my mouth, which I promptly did. I sensed a slight salty taste and a pleasing warmth as I wrapped my lips on the head and pressed my tongue onto the flesh. I gently sucked on the tip of the head, and then plunged down the base of his penis. I repeated this bobbing motion until I had his cock nicely lubed up.

At this point Nick's dick started releasing a steady trickle of precum, the flavor of which only further increased my desire. This led me to anticipate getting a whole load from the cock, and I began furiously trying to bring about an orgasm. However, Nick interceded by signaling me to stop.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered. I never thought I would agree to being penetrated anally, but I wasn't in the mood to decline anything at this point. I nodded in assent. He retrieved a condom from a drawer and rolled it over his member. I got down on all fours, and stuck my ass out in a way I thought would make it easier from him to enter me. I felt a good deal of vulnerability in this position, but not exactly in a bad sense.

Being rather inexperienced with the proper way to initiate anal sex, he simply started to force his cock into my ass. This was very uncomfortable, almost painful. I began wondering how gay men could ever enjoy such a crude method of intercourse. I forced myself to bear with it for a while, especially since Nick seemed to be enjoying his role as a top. In a while, the feeling stopped being unpleasant, but it wasn't exactly pleasurable either. It simply felt exceedingly strange and foreign.

A little while later, however, Nick began to hit his stride, and his cock began to trigger some of the pleasure points in the rectum. Without intending to, I started to moan out of pleasure.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked while temporarily stopping to make sure he was not harming me.

"Don't stop," I pleaded as I had become very much attached to the sensation Nick had caused by his constant rhythmic humping. He immediately restarted his rocking motion.

"Nick, I can feel your dick inside me," I remarked in the hope it would sound hot.

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"Shit, that feels good," I added to reassure Nick that he was doing the right thing. This seemed to make him further relax and thrust away with increased confidence. I then knew for certain that I was a born bottom. The awkwardness that existed earlier was replaced with a sense of calm and security. I also felt a deep sense of gratitude towards Nick, who had opened me up to this new experience. I thought of him fondly as he continued his firm, enthusiastic penetration.

"I'm gonna cum," he moaned.

"I want a taste," I stated rather matter-of-factly.

"You want me to cum in your mouth?" Nick questioned to make sure there was no confusion or unpleasant surprise.

"Mmmm hmmmm," I muttered with complete sincerity.

Nick pull his cock out of me, and removed the condom. I kneeled in front of him and stook out my tongue in anticipation. It took Nick another minute or so to reach the point of orgasm. I burned with lust as dirty thoughts as I waited for him to cum.

At the moment Nick's dick began to spasm, I pursed my lips on the head of his penis and sucked hard to transfer the fluids. Amazed at my intuitive response, I then let my lips release from his dick. On the second spasm, I repeated the technique. He squirted at least five or six times, releasing an impressive volume of semen. I played around with the cum in my mouth a little by moving my tongue around. The jizz was pleasantly sweet with no offending characteristics, and had a fun gooey texture and soothing warmth. Finally, I swallowed the semen, pleased with the fanciful thought that I was incorporating some of Nick in the process.

"How did it taste?" Nick asked showing interest in the qualities of his spunk.

"Yummy," I replied coyly. "Actually, it was delicious. I'm not even kidding."

"Cool," he replied. "So do you like dick now?"

"I love dick!" I exclaimed. "It was better than I could ever have hoped."