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Cocksucking Classmate


I've been wanting to share this story with your readers ever since first got up the nerve lo take a copy of FIRSTHAND up to the counter and pay for it. That was about eleven months ago. and l've been buying it once a month ever since. Anyway. this enticing tale of seduction began upon the return from Christmas vacation and the beginning of a new year (''88). I was eighteen years old at the time. l'd made a New Year's resolution to not be alone any longer (you know what mean). Although I'm basically a bottom man. I've always been a hunts and aggressor, mainly because most guys my age didn't know much and were shy and pretty clumsy. I set my sights on a classmate my age in my math class. I Was five-feet-ten-and-a-half inches tall, with short. stylishly cut blond hair and what friends and some classmates referred to as "hypnotizingly" blue eyes. Also. I Had a medium build and a light tan. (I don't mean to boast.)

My prey was about five-feet-nine inches. with straight black hair. brown eyes. and average looks. His looks. however. weren't what attracted me in the first place - not altogether, at least. He had his friends. but was mostly into studying. l'd seen him in the school library after classes. but felt intimidated by him. Whenever talked to him. my eyes would always wanderer downward to get a good glimpse of that very visible bulge in his pants. He really seemed to adore those thin white pants. Now it was time to strike!

We hadn't been back at school more than a week when Stayed after school one day (By the way, snake-dick's name is Mark.) He would always look up and smile whenever I Said. "Hi." and today was no different. After the usual idle chatter about what we were doing, etc..I sat down., to do my homework. That day I sort of noticed that whenever looked up, he'd already be looking at me. Also. he'd help me out some whenever I needed it. Either l'd go over and kneel down on one knee next to his chair and have him explain it to me. always managing to brush his cock with my fingertips. or he'd come over and lean his crotch against the back of my upper arm or elbow as he showed me something. I Swore I Could feel the Pulsing of his cock. with-the-event-all ended up exchanging phone numbers that day, and afterward. we talked to each other more in class. I still couldn't tell whether he was just a guy who didn't have too much in common with his own friends and thought he would- find something in common with me. or if he was appreciating my attention for other reasons.

One day when we were studying for exams in the library. He asked me I wanted to come home with him a that he could help me understand some of the mathematical concepts I'd been having trouble grasping. I was stunned. It was only three weeks since the Christmas break and he'd always seemed like a real private guy who wouldn't let me into that part of his life just yet. I thought it would take months. But alas. I went along with him - very willingly. When we arrived at his house. no one else was home. Inside his room. he turned his back to me as he took off his pants and changed into shorts. I still got a good look at his basket hanging low between his lags. and I couldn't believe my eyes. Nothing could ever offer this guy enough room to carry around what he was packing! After I saw that glorious sight. it was difficult to keep my mind on the subject at hand - mathematics -- but somehow I managed. After reviewing awhile. we put away the books and he lay back on the bed. I Could see everything now. What a view! l just wanted to reach out and touch him. Instead. however. as blood raced to every muscle and nerve in my body.

I jumped up and began praising him: "I can't believe l finally understand this shit! Man. I wish you could be with me all the time. I'd never have trouble with math - or anything else for that matter." He was obviously embarrassed. and just go! up and stared into my eyes. I didn't really know what his silence meant. I was in an untangled Indian position on the floor and leaning back on my hands. Finally, I spoke again: "lf I could ever do anything - anything! - for You. just tell me. Mark. Okay?" "Anything?" he asked playfully. "Anything." I repeated, now facing him. He was moving around as if he already knew what he wanted but was too shy to come right out and say it. "Come on, Man . want is it"1 asked knowingly. "You said anything, right? And you mean anything want. because i helped you our with those difficult concepts. right?" he asked, heading up to it. "Yes! Yeah Mark!" I exclaimed.

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By now he was sitting on the bed. I was now on my knees in front of him "Now what is it?" I asked. laughing and putting my hands on his thighs. just above the knees, and looking into his eyes. "okay. here goes." He breathed deeply and broke into a devilish smile. "Will you suck my dick?" he blurted out quickly and then just sat there- biting his lower lip. I sat there silently. "Well?" he asked. impatiently awaiting an answer. "You don't have to say yes. okay? We can just forget about it. okay?" "No. Mark," l finally said. "I did say anything. I wasn't expecting this. but I'll do my best."I put on my best innocent-looking face. Mark just waited and closely watched my every move. I ran my hands over his thighs. then started rubbing his basket. He had grown very. big and very hard. "I don't know how I'll be able to take all this in!"I exclaimed, then added. "You're so big!" His snake jumped up and throbbed. as if trying to break out of his shorts. I put my fingers under his waistband and began to pull I looked up at him.

I let go and told him I wanted to please him, but that I was having trouble with actually going through with it and bringing his cock to my mouth. He said it was just like sucking your thumb I said him that maybe if I sucked his thumb for awhile before replacing it with his cock, that might make it easier. He thought that was a great idea. I took his fist between my two hands. brought his thumb to my mouth, and sucked away. I just sat there sucking his thumb as his cockhead struggled with the waistband. Then I reached in his shorts and fumbled around with his balls and dick. The tip had pre-cum; all over it I rubbed my index finger in and around the hole as I began to bob up and down on his thumb. His whole body shook. Suddenly I got up and now was racing him on my knees. I swiftly pulled down his shorts I was ready. His boner reached up past his bellybutton and was hard as a rock.1 used both hands to bring it down to my mouth I licked around the head and then up and down the whole length of his shake.

I licked my lips. took a deep breath. and slowly worked my mouth down over his cock until I had about two-thirds of it inside. Then I went hack up to the tip and burrowed inside with my tung tip. I was getting off on watching this guy squirm My bobbing head sped up as i licked and sucked my heart out. My mouth was stretched to its limits. After awhile he grabbed my head and forced his cock in deeper.1 couldn't believe could breathe. He was fucking my !ace so deep. neither of us could push any further. I'd been at it for over ten minutes when ! felt his hands grasping my hair and his body beginning to jerk At that moment he grabbed my head from behind with one hand and pulled his dick out with the other. He came so hard. I swear heard his cum splashing all over my face.

I'd only waited three weeks for this, and I finally got what I wanted. It was heaven. He stuck his dick back in my mouth. and I got what was left.1 also licked his balls until he couldn't take it anymore and just fell back on the bed. I got up and washed my face and hair, then Iay back down on the bed for a little while. Mark turned his head toward me and told me he loved me. He touched my face and hair. and I kissed his fingers. I had to leave, although Mark didn't want to - I had him hooked. I told him to be patient. The week of exams went by quickly. That weekend I was going to spend the night with Mark. Every chance he got. he would tell me what he was planning to do to me - he was going to fuck me up the ass in every position. This was a side of Mark I hadn't known about. I had thought I was going to have to coax him along to get him to do whatever I wanted. Instead. I had become a slave to his every desire.

When we got to his house on the day. he pushed me down onto the sofa. and we made out till it became unbearable for both of us Then he took Out his dick and stuck it in my mouth and just fucked. He said he hadn't jacked off all week. He also said he was going to hold off coming for as long as he could (at least the first time). One thing he'd talked about all week was fucking me. I have to admit I wanted that cock back. but I hadn't planned on being fucked by it. No. I wasn't a virgin. but his cock would sure make me feel like it was the first time all over again. We'd been kissing and sucking for quite awhile that evening when I felt his middle finger begin to worm its way up my ass.

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That was one thing that really made me lose control. I started fucking myself back onto his finger and swallowing his dong all the way down to the root. He lifted my head off his cock. and we kissed some as he continued to fingerfuck my ass. He stopped for a second and began trying to sweet-talk me into getting on my hands and knees. Well, to make a long story short, before too long I was oiling up his cock. He'd already been lubricating me up for a quite awhile. When I felt the head begin to push into me, I ordered my body to relax. It worked. His head was in. Fortunately, we weren't past the worst of it. As he continued to slide in, my sphincter clamped down. He moaned, I grunted. He continued to push while I gnashed my teeth. I lost the strength in my arms, and gripped the sheets.

He had one hand on my right shoulder and the other was gripping my butt. When he was all the way in, he stroked my hair and slapped my ass and told me to turn around and look. While I was getting a look at the root of his dick and his very large balls just hanging there. He Pulled out to the tip and then slammed back in. He said he just wanted to see my face when he did that My arms collapsed under me again, and my head banged against the headboard. He fucked me like this for the longest time. He'd pull out all the way. straighting out my legs and grabbing my thighs as if they were the handles on a wheelbarrow, then ram back in. I don't know where he got the strength to hold me up like that, but he did so for about five minutes. By now my brain was bombed on sex. I eventually ended up with my knees at my ears. I also sat on his cock and rode him for awhile. and occasionally he'd get up and we'd kiss and everything.

After I got up off his dick one time. I felt playful and ran off. He caught up to me in the Kitchen and cornered me. We turned me around and hoisted one of my legs up onto the counter, leaving me exposed for invasion. He took hold of his dick and pushed his way into me once again What a fuck! He fucked up into me so hard I felt my feet coming up off the ground That's when I came my head off. He came too, all over my back and butt. It was almost midnight. What a day Our relationship soon evolved into something caring and eventually ran its course. We're still good friends today. He's off at college boffing the brains out of whatever beautiful boy he can find. I'm still here getting my brains boffed out of me.