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The Massage


A small pile of crumpled bills and loose change sat in the middle of the coffee table in the living room. I rested my back against the couch while one of my roommates sat indian style on the other side of the table. Our other two roommates had already lost what little money they had brought to the table and had gone to bed, but Phil and I had continued to play for a while.

"I bet five bucks," Phil said as he pushed some of his sizable stack towards the center of the table. I glanced down at the dollar and half remaining of my original sixteen dollars, and then looked again at the three eights in my hand.

"I've only got a dollar fifty left, but I wanna call. This hand is MINE!"

"Guess you need some collateral, 'cause I can tell you that THIS hand is definitely mine!"

"What kind of collateral?"

"Well, I'd say you could put up your car, but I don't think that's worth five bucks," Phil laughed as he disparaged my rusted out '78 Volkswagen. "How about one of those famous massages they pay you so well for?"

Now there's the laugh. I worked part-time at the local health club doing massages on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays as part of an internship for my physical therapy degree, but the minimum wage they paid hardly took care of my spaghetti and cereal diet.

"Okay, easy bet for me. I call," I said as I laid down my set of eights.

"Read 'em and weep, as they say," he grinned as he turned over a straight, seven to jack.

"Dammit! I hate this game," I shouted as I banged the table and stood up. "Guess I owe you one," I said over my shoulder as I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself of the pressure several Bud Lights had created on my bladder.

I returned to the living room to find Phil stripped to his boxers, lying facedown on my portable massage table, which he'd picked up from its spot against the wall and spread out in the middle of the floor.

"What, now!?"

"No time like the present. Besides, I'm a little stiff from wrestling practice today and from sitting on that floor for three hours. And, we don't have class until eleven tomorrow. So whattaya say?"

I was a little tired, but truth to tell I'd been wanting to get my hands on Phil since he had moved in a month ago. Our previous roommate had graduated, and Phil had answered our ad from the bulletin board in one of the campus cafeterias. He was an excellent roommate, fairly studious and neat, and paid his portion of the bills on time. In addition, he had a great body- dark tan, well-defined muscles and an eight-pack I would kill for. He stood only five feet four, with green eyes and black hair, but his devilish smile and great personality kept plenty of ladies around the house. This was great for our other roommates, but not so much for me since I am gay. I'm out of the closet, at least with my friends, but I tried not to flaunt what little gay lifestyle I led.

I walked towards Phil, reaching for a little baby oil as I grasped his shoulders and started rubbing.

I kneaded my way down his back firmly and slowly, and he started right in with the moans of pleasure.

"Oh, man, that feels so great. Your hands are magic!"

"Hardly magic," I said, "just lots of practice. Your muscles are kinda tight, though." I dug deep with my thumbs, and he moaned again.

As I worked down his back, his groans and sighs began to get me a little worked up down below, and I removed one hand to adjust myself more comfortably.

"Hey, don't stop now!"

"No, no, don't worry." I resumed massaging, moving to the waistband of his boxers and managing to push them down slightly while making it seem just a part of the massage. I noticed as I did so that he had no tan line, which got me more excited as I thought about him lying naked to get that all-over tan. I stifled my own small moan.

I moved to Phil's calves and began working slowly upward.

"That really feels great, Jeremy! I see a future in this for you. I gotta say, this is a whole lot better than those couple of bucks I'd've won if you had it!"

"Thanks, Phil," I said, "glad you like it." I was up to his hamstrings now, and I pushed up the legs of his boxers as I really dug in. As I did so, I "accidentally" brushed against his balls as I worked on the insides of his legs. I felt like I was gonna jizz all over myself right there, but Phil just laid there and made no comment.

I slapped him on the butt (so firm!) and suggested he flip over so I could take care of his arms and thigh muscles. He paused briefly, then raised that magnificent ass slightly in the air to reach under and adjust himself before turning over. He laid on his back with his eyes closed, and as I reached for a bit more oil I took the opportunity to feast my eyes on the bulge tenting his boxers. I could see just a bit of his cock through the gap created by the strain on his boxers, and this time was unable to contain my own slight groan.

Phil opened his eyes to catch me staring, and wriggled in embarassment.

"Sorry, man, I guess the massage is turning me on a little. My girlfriend back home will occasionally give me a quick five-minute rubdown if I ask, and it always gets me excited, but her "skill" is nothing compared to yours. Plus, I haven't been home in a couple of weekends to see her, and I'm a little horny, I guess."

"Don't worry about it," I said, red-faced myself at having been caught ogling, "it happens fairly often at the club. I think it's just a natural reaction to the sensations of being touched all over."

I rubbed down each of his arms, noticing as I did so that his erection subsided to a semi, then moved to his thighs to finish off the job. As I kneaded his quad muscles, his cock started to stir again, and when I pushed up on the legs of his boxers to get higher up it sprung out. Phil blushed and reached to tuck himself back in.

"You know," I began hesitantly, "I could take care of that for you."

"Do what?!"

"Well, you know, you said you haven't seen your girlfriend in a couple of weeks and you're horny..." I trailed off as I looked at him, mortified that I'd even said anything.

He didn't say anything, so I rushed on. "I know you're straight, but I bet you like to get your dick sucked, and that's really about all I've done with guys myself. I just thought, maybe, we could both enjoy ourselves." I stopped babbling and waited to see his reaction, then started massaging on his thigh again so I wouldn't have to look him in the eye. While his big head may have been thinking no, my work on his thighs was causing his little head to say yes.

If I were more experienced, I might've just reached in his shorts to pull it out and go to town, but I was still too new at this sort of thing. I continued to rub his thighs.

"Okay," he said about two minutes later, "but you gotta keep it between us. I wouldn't want any of my teammates to think I'm gay."


"Yeah, let's do it!"

I stopped rubbing, and reached for the waistband of his boxers. I tugged slightly and lifted them over the top of his cock as he raised his ass off the table to let me slide them down and off over his feet. What popped out was magnificent!

Phil may have been small in stature, but he was well-endowed down below. I was guessing it was between seven and eight inches, but it was easily the thickest piece of meat I'd encountered in my brief personal experiences, and as thick as any I'd seen surfing the Web. In addition, he was completely shaved, which only served to make it look bigger. I grasped the weapon in my hand and bent to run my tongue around the tip of his cut cock.

I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, then went lower to suckle each of his balls individually. He moaned deeply as I did so. After spending plenty of time on his balls, which he seemed to love, I moved back up and engulfed as much of his member as I could, then began bobbing up and down on the shaft while maintaining as strong a suction as possible. I kept my fingers busy between his balls and hole, the latter of which caused him to jump slightly when I first circled it but made him moan with pleasure the more I played with it.

As I slid my pinky inside, my thumb on his balls felt the tightening of his sac, and my other hand playing with his nipples felt his body tense. I'm not a big fan of a throat-full of cum like many other guys I've read about are, so I pulled off and moved down to suck on his balls some more. I heard him gasp, and looked up at his face to find him staring off to the left. I raised my head and saw our other two roommates standing at the edge of the hallway with their mouths hanging open. It probably would've been funny if I hadn't been so embarassed. As I straightened, Phil erupted, shooting huge spurts up over his shoulder, and I automatically grabbed his dick to pump him dry.

"What the fuck, Jeremy?!"

"Sorry, I'm sorry! I just..."

"Damn right you're sorry," said Josh as he advanced towards me. As scared as I was at what he might be about to do, I still couldn't help but admire his body, clad only in the basketball shorts he normally slept in. In contrast to Phil, he was covered in hair from throat to waistband (and beyond, I assumed), but he also had a great six-pack and turned a lot of the ladies' heads.

"Two years you've been living with us, without even the offer of a blowjob, and now Phil moves in and BOOM!" he shouted.

It was my turn to have my jaw drop open. "Do what?!"

"Yeah, Jer, what's the deal," questioned our other roommate Colin. "You been holdin' out on us," he said as he started to grin.

I stood dumbfounded, staring at Colin now. He was actually the only roommate I'd actually seen naked before today, when he forgot to carry his towel in to shower and had to holler for me to bring him one, and I suddenly remembered the very long, flaccid cock I'd glimpsed when I tossed him that towel. Colin was a little on the chubby side, not as in shape as the other roommates, but that dangling monster could certainly hold its own.

"But...but, you guys are..." I stuttered, not knowing just how to say what I was thinking.

Josh spoke up. "Yeah, we like girls, but we sure as hell ain't got nothing against a good blow job, and they say guys give the best ones. Colin and I talked about it before, but you've always seemed so reserved about sex that we didn't think we should say anything. I mean, you've never even had a guy over for the night."

"I didn't want to make you guys uncomfortable. Besides, there haven't been very many guys."

"Yeah, that's what we thought," Colin chimed in. "But now we walk in and monster-cock Phil here is on the receiving end of all the fun. How unfair is that?!"

I looked around at all three guys, grinning like Cheshire cats, and thought to myself that the rest of my social college calendar was about to get a whole helluva lot better. A wide smile started across my own features.