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Straight Man's fantasy


He opened the door. My heart raced.

On my birthday, I try something new every year. This year it was to be a
massage by a gay male. I'd had fantasies about other men but never acted
on them.

As I woke up this morning a tingle ran up my spine. I had been dreaming
of the massage and I knew as soon as my wife left for work, I would make
the call. I couldn't believe I was doing this. My fingers trembled and
my voice was shaking with nervousness as I asked some complete stranger
if he would be my first gay partner. This was in stark contrast to the
self-assured, relaxed voice on the other end. "I'll meet you at 1:30
then" he said. I couldn't wait. I can't recall ever being as excited, as
nervous, as over the top with anticipation.

As I showered, I paid particular attention to the feel of my hands as
they propelled the soap over my body. I grasped my cock and wondered how
it would feel to have someone else do the same. Would I be confident
enough to play out my fantasy of taking him into my mouth? Would I let
him enter me from behind? What would a warm prick feel like pushing past
my rosebud and entering my ass? My knees were trembling.

I could hear my heart as I pressed the elevator button to the 5th floor.
I took a deep breath and knocked quietly on his apartment door. The
peephole went dark; I knew he saw me and I couldn't see him.

"Hi" he said in an unexpectedly soft voice. I could tell he knew of my
nervousness before I could respond. "My name is Matt. Come on in and
I'll make you a tea... or would you rather a glass of wine?" He was
dressed in a loose shirt opened about three buttons from the top, and
drawstring pants. I could tell he didn't have a lot of hair on his chest
but I couldn't see how the rest of his body looked in the loose clothes.
The conversation flowed remarkably easily from this obviously educated
and gentle man. I relaxed enough to feel the knots in my shoulders melt.
Until that is, he suggested we undress and move to the massage table.

I had played sports for years and been in showers with men without ever
reacting. This gay thing was a very recent fantasy for me. I wasn't sure
what it would be like to be looked at by another man who was going to
have sex with me. I went into his second bedroom and stripped out of my
clothes. He had given me a towel wrap sensing my nervousness. As I
reentered the hallway I could now sense his anticipation starting to
show; a straight, well-built guinea pig asking him to demonstrate gay
sex. He seemed to be eager to see me and enjoy me. He built a trust
level with me enough that I knew however uncomfortable I was at taking
my clothes off to "show" him my body, that somehow this would be
exhilarating and fun.

Clumsily I faced the massage table with my towel. I have a sound,
athletic body with large shoulders for my 5'9", 160 lb frame. My stomach
is 10 lbs past a six-pack. Girlfriends have always commented on my
physique, but would he like it? Did I care? Or was I just being

"Climb up and lay on your stomach. " Matt said. I was determined to
follow instructions until I had reached my limit, (if I had one today).
As I lowered my self to the table, I noticed Matt take off his shirt. He
asked if I was uncomfortable if he slipped out of his pants. I quietly
said "no problem" as I lowered my cheek to touch the terry cloth cover
on the massage table. I couldn't bring myself to stare at him so I had
no idea at this point how he 'rated' and I chose to wait until later on
in the massage to check him out.

I could now hear the sound of oil squishing between his palms as he
rubbed them together. Matt carefully drizzled oil on my body and legs,
then he touched my calf muscle. I tensed but quickly relaxed. I closed
my eyes so I could feel the sensations better. He started at my Achilles
tendon then slowly caressed my feet. With each inch he moved, my heart
increased in speed. He covered the calf and the back of my knee
expertly. Matt caressed the back of my thigh then slid his hand up under
the towel to the base of my buttock. As his hand slid between my legs,
he brushed my scrotum. What a sensation! I spread my legs involuntarily
and he chose to ignore my movement. Matt was an expert at 'the Tease'.

Quickly Matt moved to the other foot. I could relax now because I felt
comfortable with the routine. Across the foot, up the calf, behind the
knee and up the leg to the buttock then let the hands slip off the sides
with a slight caress of the balls. Now I was getting excited.

Matt moved to the lower back. I now raised my arms and turned my head to
rest my other cheek on my hands. It felt so good to have the
well-muscled hands sliding expertly over the oils on my back. Matt
repositioned himself to reach for my opposing shoulder. He was now
standing one inch from the point of my left elbow grasping my right
shoulder. For the first time I had a clear view of his manhood. As I
inhaled I could smell a strange yet appealing, musty odor. What would it
taste like? Dare I touch him? I chose just to stare at his circumcised,
flaccid member and enjoy the sensation of Matt's expert touching of my
shoulder and tricep. Matt repositioned himself again. This time he was
at the top of my head reaching down my back to my waist. I could feel
him touch the back of my head with his stomach as he reached for my
ass-cheeks. I uncontrollably arched my back to allow his touch. As he
touched my ass and began to retreat up my back to my shoulder blades, I
turned my head to face his cock. I told myself it was now or never; my
heart raced and I past the point of no return. His cock was two inches
from my mouth. He sensed the excitement and immediately began another
slide of both his hands from under my armpits down my back to my ass.
This time his cock had to meet my mouth. I opened my lips, still
disbelieving, aching to taste my first prick. I licked gently, and
tentatively at the head which was now coming to life. I felt like a
schoolgirl receiving her first kiss. My heart was racing. I wanted to
take all of him in my mouth, but I also wanted to savour my first licks.
My lips parted. I let the helmet of this glorious, now stiff member ease
past my teeth. I felt the ridge touch the top of my mouth and I gently
began to suck. I couldn't believe what I was doing; I couldn't believe
my reactions.and I couldn't stop. My hands slid around Matt's back to
grab his ass. All I wanted at that moment was to give a great blow-job
to a stranger that I had just met half an hour ago.

Matt let me guide him. It was my show yet he was going to be a
beneficiary. I pulled his ass forcing his cock in and out of my throat
at a slow rhythmic pace. After a couple of minutes, which seemed like an
eternity to me, Matt pulled out of my mouth and whispered to me to turn
over. As I rolled over, I let the towel slip. I was now nude in front of
a man I had just had in my mouth. My 7 inches of excitement was now bare
for all to see.

As Matt caressed my chest, I could feel his breath on my chest hair. His
expert hands alternately rubbed and pulled, caressed and pinched. His
hands meandered down my stomach and circled my balls cupping them
momentarily then passing over to my thighs as though today had no limit.
He moved down beside my knee and grabbed my thigh as you would a pole.
Firstly he gave a gentle tug then he let his hands slide up to my balls.
I was hard; I was so hard I could almost not contain myself. He urged me
to relax and take it slowly. I tried to breath regularly even though I
wanted to explode. THEN he did it. Matt bent over and took me in his
mouth. I closed my eyes. All I could feel was the warmth of his moist
cheeks on my cock. I felt his teeth on my shaft. I had to force my hips
not to gyrate and let him slowly work his magic. It was all I could do
not to come. In and out, in and out.slowly, firmly deeply, quickly,
shallowly. THIS MAN KNEW HOW TO GIVE A BLOWJOB. Then he stopped. I was
just about to come, and he stopped. With my eyes still closed I could
sense him as he moved to my face. He planted a kiss on my closed lips. I
opened my mouth slightly and met his tongue briefly. He whispered "roll

At this point Matt could have asked me to swim the Pacific and would
have been back on Tuesday next. He had my complete trust. I flipped over
to my stomach with an incredible sense of anticipation. My balls ached
they were so full; my hard-on pressed flat against my warm belly.Matt's
hand touched my lower back. He gently pulled the hairs at my beltline.
He blew a breath across my ass that felt like a midsummer breeze. He
gently dripped oil on the mounds of my ass and I could do nothing about
the stream that was running to my rosebud. I spread my legs slightly,
yet invitingly. I wanted him to touch me where I had never been touched
by a male. I wanted him to be in me.

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Matt knew my desire. He gently caressed my ass-cheeks. He let his
fingers slip across the rosebud casually, not acquiescing one iota to my
impatience. First a thumb, then his middle finger, then a first finger,
then the other hand. I was secretly going nuts. I had never felt this
much anticipation. He gently parted my well-oiled cheeks and blew on my
rosebud. What a sensation! .then, he slid a finger just inside. He
retreated as if that was an accident, then, did it again. My ass reacted
instinctively by puckering. Then I relaxed. Matt sensed my acceptance
and slid two fingers in to the second knuckle. I was ready.

Matt had told me in our earlier conversation that he was both a top and
a bottom. As a rookie, I obviously needed an explanation. I was about to
find out first hand. Matt positioned me with my legs apart and slightly
kneeling. He oiled his left hand liberally and slid it from the mound of
my right ass-cheek to the base of my scrotum. He checked to make sure my
balls were still taut. He slid his hand onto the base of my raging
hard-on. I was in heaven. My hairline was resting on my forearm; I
didn't want to open my eyes, I could hear my shallow breathing. I was
anticipating and sensing, open and relaxed.

Matt firmly placed the head of his now-condomed prick at the entrance to
me. I could feel him sliding around, gently teasing my rosebud. My
breathe quickened yet I could only breathe out of my nostrils. I had to
feel this man in me!

Slowly I felt my rosebud spread. Slowly and expertly Matt slid the head
of his penis into my waiting ass. I couldn't believe the feelings
running thru my head. Here was a man I never knew before today, up my
ass.and I was eager to have more of him. My prick was so hard I thought
I would explode.

Matt pushed firmly but gently. He had an eager, virgin ass and he wanted
it. He pressed hard enough to advance about three inches, then he backed
off slightly. After two or three shallow pushes, I started to relax; it
felt sooo good. Slowly he started to pull back I could feel my ass spasm
to milk him on the way out. I could feel my sphincter try to grasp him
as he went by. He exited completely. I could feel his hands spread me
apart again and he re-entered. This time I let him in until I could feel
his warm thighs on the back of my legs. The initial sensation of the
warmth of his long prick up my ass was unbelievable. I felt stuffed, but
wanted more. I didn't want him to leave, but I pushed him out. Realizing
what I wanted, I let him back in. It was the most incredible confusion.

Matt slid in and out for what seemed like hours. Then he quickened the
pace. By now I was completely relaxed. It felt so good. Matt pumped and
slowed; then pumped some more and slowed, finally he raged on. I knew he
was coming by the strange pulsing down by my balls. One last thrust to
the hilt and we both collapsed.

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I was still catching my breath five minutes later when Matt rolled me
over. I knew it was my turn. Matt wanted to ensure my return and he knew
what to do. With me on my back on the massage table, Matt positioned
himself to give me an unbelievable hummer. I could feel his mouth
surround my cockhead as intensely as I could feel my ex-virgin asshole.
The warmth of my freshly fucked ass was radiating to my swollen balls
and my rock hard prick. He positioned one hand under my butt cheek so he
could tickle my rosebud while he worked. He knew his little virgin
wouldn't take long..and I didn't. The excitement was overwhelming. I
just wanted to grab his head and slam my cock down the back of his
throat. After about 30 seconds and 20 slirps I could feel my ass
contractions welling up. I knew I was about to come. Matt knew I was
about to come and he did nothing to stop it. His expert lips milked and
sucked me for all I was worth. I must have spent 5 gallons of cum on
that mouth.

I was exhausted. Matt came up and kissed my chest, my neck and finally
my mouth. At once it felt strange and wonderful.

I had a quick shower and dressed. Matt and I chatted briefly. Both knew
I had had a great experience; both sensed there might be another. I left
with a delightful warmth between my ass cheeks and a great feeling about
my new casual friend. Would I return? I don't know; could I not return?