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My Brothers Friend


My big brother Brandon and I have always been close. From the time that I was just a kid, he was always
sticking up for me and teaching me new things. He's twenty one now, and big for his age. As far as muscle
goes. He's got these huge biceps and big chest with small little black nipples. His six pack is so hard! It's like an... eight-pack, come to think of it! It's so sexy! And this one time when he came out of the shower into our room, I saw his dick, and it was huge! Like the size of my forearm. He saw me looking and asked if I liked it. I told him I did and he taught me how to suck a dick. See? He's always teaching me things.

My brother's friends are hot, too. Jason, Justin, Kevin, and Patrick. Jason has always been really muscular. Him and Brandon always used to go to the gym together. most of the time I got to go with them. Throughout the workout, I'd have a raging hard on. Jason had broad arms , a tight chest, like a drum, a hot six pack and tattoos on his arms, chest and belly button. He was the one who was over my house the most Brandon and one time I walked in on them touching each other's dicks. Jason has a nice dick, not as big as Brandon's, but still pretty big. Like, if Brandon's is
10 inches, Jason's is 8 and a half.

Justin is the swim team captain. His body is really slim and muscular. He's got pretty big biceps and a ripped chest, no pecs though. He's got a six pack, but it's not like Brandon's and Jason's. It's really lean. What I really like about him is his cock. Or, rather, like, his package. Whenever Brandon and Jason are waiting for him to finish swim practice, I sit with them and I see Justin with a huge bulge in his Speedos. His bulge is way better than the one in the coach's pants. that's just saying how big it is.

Brandon's friend Kevin is an asshole. He talks about pussy and tits all the time... even in front of my mom! But I know that he's putting up a front because one night when they were all sleeping over, I caught him pounding Justin in the bathroom. Besides that, he's really hot. He doesn't play any sports, so I wonder how he keeps in shape, but he's kind of short, with muscles everywhere. Nice chest, nice arms and nice pack. Even his cock isn't anything special. It's
like 7 inches and a little thick. I don't k now why Brandon wanted to be friends with him.

Brandon's last friend Patrick is the nicest one out of all of them. His face is beautiful. when he stares at me, I don't only get hard, but I get kind of weak in my legs. And he's always got his shirt off. When ever we go to his house or he comes over our's, he takes off his coat, his sweatshirt and his shirt. So, I always get a look at his toned body. He's not overly muscular, he has just enough. But his dick is so BIG! it's the size of Brandon's and maybe a little bit thicker. And you wouldn't know it just from looking at his package. Whenever he's at my house, he likes to take off his pants and rub his dick. the first time he did this, I was sitting in the computer chair, jacking off to my brother's friends and the other guys started laughing at him and teasing him about how small his cock was. Then he pulled down his briefs and released his cock. The room got so quiet. His dick is so beautiful! It's got veins throbbing through the whole shaft, the head doesn't get all purple and nasty when he's really hard. It gets pink and then it explodes fireworks of cum. That just makes me want him more.

I remember one day after school, we were all walking home. It was a Friday, and they were spending the night. I couldn't wait. We got home, and everyone went upstairs. As we filed into the room, Brandon stopped me at the door.

"Chris. Tonight we're doing something different. If you're not ready for this, then I want you to leave. Okay?"
"Fine," I said. I walked into the room and Brandon locked the door behind me. Everyone was taking off their shirts and underwear. Brandon motioned for me to do the same thing. I took a seat on the bed next to him and took off all of my clothes.

"Who wants to start?" asked Brandon. Justin raised his hand and got in the middle and motioned to Patrick. Patrick got up and got down in front of him and pulled his dick towards his mouth. As soon as Patrick touched Justin's cock, it got hard. I liked what I saw: 9 inches, a little thin maybe 3 inches, but it was alright. While he sucked, Brandon got in the middle of the floor on his back and motioned to Jason. Jason climbed down off of the top bunk and grabbed Brandon's ankles. He spit on his cock and slipped it into Brandon's ass. They grunted at the same time in pleasure and I smiled.

The only one left was my least favorite. Kevin. I groaned as he stood up and walked towards me. He bent dow in front of the bed and pulled on my cock. I'd never had my dick sucked and I'd hoped that it would be Patrick the first time, but I just let him go on anyway. He slid his mouth over my cock and it felt like heaven. It's hard to explain. It was wet and warm and close all at the same time. All I do know is that I moaned a little too loudly and Brandon gave me look. I shrugged my shoulders, still caught up in getting my cock sucked. He whispered something to Jason and Jason got up and turned on the stereo, blasting some hip hop song through the speakers. Then he went back to
Brandon's ass and pumped away.

I'd planned at looking out for Patrick to see what he was doing but two things stopped me: 1) I couldn't see over Kevin's head and 2) I was so overcome by Kevin's mouth that everything else seemed unimportant. After five more minutes of sucking I moaned loudly again and Kevin smiled. Then he did something weird that made me cum all over his face and in his mouth. He locked his jaw or something on my cock and pushed on my head with his tongue. It drove me crazy. After he'd wiped his face, he leaned in for a kiss, but I turned my head. Like I wanted his nasty ass tongue in my mouth. Luckily, Jason yelled out and came all over Brandon's chest. He leaned over and licked it up, spending a good amount of time on Brandon's nipples. A few seconds after, Justin grunted and came. Patrick held
his cock away from him and I was thankful for this. When I had him, I didn't want him to have someone else's cum on him.

Brandon said for everyone that had gotten off already to move to the next person and be a bottom. I got up and walked over to Brandon and grinned. Besides Patrick, Brandon was my favorite. He told me to go down on him. I laid on top of him and put my tongue in his mouth. his tongue was way bigger than mine, so he covered way more space then I did. My cock got hard again and I ground it into his pack. I slowly released my mouth from his and licked and kissed his chest and nipples. I could taste something weird and I figured that it was Jason's cum. It tasted great! I licked up what was left, moved down past Brandon's pack and pulled his dick close to my mouth.

"Oh yeah, Chris. Suck your big brother's cock, man!"

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I put my mouth over his cock as far as I could. Maybe like 5 inches. He moaned. I decided to make him cum quick. i tired the thing that Kevin had used on me. I tried to lock my jaw around his cock, but it was too thick. I pressed my teeth against his shaft which made a little thinner and I could lock my jaw around it. He yelled out.

"Jesus, Chris! That feels good!"

I ran my tongue over his head, teasing him and then I suddenly slammed down my tongue on the top of his head
and pressed down. He screamed and came in my mouth. I didn't have time to pull away, but I wasn't sure I wanted to. It tasted even better than Jason's did. And he didn't stop when I thought he would. He just keptcoming... hard.

When he finally stopped, he was breathing really hard and smiling. He pulled me close and said, "I've always
liked your blow jobs the best." I smiled back and stood up. My hard on was raging again and I was ready for the next rotation. Kevin had already cum all over Justin and they were looking away from each other. You could tell who really wanted who in the room. Brandon didn't care, but Justin wanted Brandon. Kevin was staring at Jason's back as Patrick pumped his cock into his mouth. Patrick came silently and pushed Jason away. Brandon called out for the next switch. I walked over to Patrick. He asked what I wanted to do. I shrugged my shoulders even though my cock throbbed for his ass. He took the hint and assumed the position. He didn't seem too interested, but I would make him
interested. After all, I'd made everyone else that I'd been with pretty happy.

I pulled his muscular ass apart and planted my tongue right in the middle of his asshole. It was so tight! I longed to shove my manhood right in his ass, but I was patient. It spit in his ass and massaged his ass with my forefinger. He didn't say or do anything. So I teased him so more. I faked like I was going to put it all the way in, then I took it back out. Even with the act he was trying to put on, I could tell that he wanted it. His back kept spasming every time i slipped it out. After the fourth time, he turned around and said, "put it in, willya? I'm dying for you!" I smiled and decided that I didn't want to start having fun yet.

I slid my cock in his ass up to the head. His whole body seemed to prepare for my whole cock, but I quickly slid it out.

"What's wrong?" he asked. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I want you to beg for it."

He turned to look at me to see if I was serious. I smiled and he knew I wasn't just his friend's little brother. I was a man with needs. He shook his head with a smile and nodded.

"Please put it in me, Chris."
"Nope. You gotta work for this shit."
He groaned and spread his legs. "I want you in me Chris. I'm begging." And so he was.
"If that's all you got, then I should probably ask for the next rotation. B?"

Brandon looked up from the blow job he was giving Kevin.

"Can we get a-?" I started. I felt a hand close around my cock. I looked down at Patrick gripping my cock
with a malicious look on his face.

"PUT IT IN ME! NOW!" he yelled. I grinned. "That's more like it."

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I pressed up against his ass and shoved all of my eight inches right into his ass. He grunted and collapsed on the ground. But I didn't stop there. I placed my hands next to his shoulders on the floor and pumped away at his ass. Every time the cum would well up in my cock, I would mentally force it back down. After 10 minutes of fucking, everyone had already cum and they were all watching me and Patrick. I was drenched in sweat and soaking an already soaked Patrick. By then I couldn't keep the cum down anymore and I yelled that I was gonna cum.

"Do it, man! Cum in my ass Chris!" he groaned from the floor. The rest of the guys cheered me on as a busted
a load in Patrick's ass. I came so long and hard that when I thought that I was done, I pulled out my cock
and I was still going. I came on Patrick's ass and back. When I was down I laid down on top of him and licked up every last bit.

After that display, all of the guys wanted me at their Friday fuck fests and I was more than happy to oblige.
Me and Patrick started to date and soon we were serious boy friends. Today, I'm turning 19 and Patrick
is 22. If I had known that I was gonna get into such a great relationship, I would have thanked my brother
for teaching me so much. Thanks