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First Encounter


I walked into the bar, feeling very apprehensive and quickly made my way over to the bar to get a drink. As the barman served me I had a quick look around the place and noticed that it was fairly quiet, much to my relief. I stayed at the bar and it didn't take long to finish off my drink. I ordered another and with the alcohol starting to kick in I started to relax a little. There was nothing about the place to suggest that it was a gay bar, apart from the customers all being male, otherwise it just looked like any other bar. The reason I had come here tonight was because I was looking for my very first gay encounter, and when I saw the advert in the local paper I decided to pay the place a visit. I was in a strange town working away from home for two weeks so there was no likelihood of being seen by anyone I knew which made it seem like an ideal opportunity.

For years I had been very curious about having sex with another man and at the age of 43 I knew that I probably wouldn't get too many chances like this. So I decided that it was now or never, but obviously I didn't have a clue how to go about it and as I looked at the other guy's in the bar I didn't find myself feeling attracted to any of them and began to wonder whether this had been a good idea. I remained at the bar with the barman serving me more drinks and decided that I would finish this drink and leave. It was then that I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and I turned around to be greeted by a very young guy with a big grin on his face. He held out his hand as an offer of introduction and we shook hands and exchanged names. We started chatting and I offered him a drink which he accepted. I realized that I was probably old enough to be his father which was a concern for me, assuming of course that he was actually chatting me up. I had no way of telling if he was just being friendly or actually coming on to me. So when Jason steered the conversation around to sex I knew he was making a play for me. I mentioned the obvious age difference only for Jason to tell me that he preferred older guy's. He told me that he was 19 and that he fancied me and instantly I knew that this was my chance to explore something I had longed to do for years. I explained that I was married and had never had sex with another guy before and was looking for my first experience. A huge grin appeared on his face as I told him this and out of the blue he invited me back to his place, suggesting that we finish our drinks and leave right now. I couldn't believe how sexually aroused I was, my cock was straining at my trousers as I quickly finished my drink.

Jason had a flat just around the corner from the bar so we walked the short distance. Inside his flat he invited me to sit down while he went to use the toilet. I sat on the sofa and with Jason gone I couldn't resist the temptation and slid my hand down inside my trousers and gasped as I felt how wet with precome my cock was. I gently stroked myself as I waited for Jason to return. As I heared the toilet flush I quickly removed my hand from my trousers and then when Jason came back into the room I almost froze in shock. He was naked and he was gently stroking his cock, which was the biggest one I had ever seen, it looked enormous. He walked over to where I was sat and just stood in front of me proudly displaying himself. I couldn't take my eyes off his huge cock, although it was obviously hard it didn't stick upwards as normal erect cocks do, his sort of pointed out and curved downwards due to the sheer length and thickness of it. Without any prompting from Jason I quickly removed my clothes and sat back on the sofa with my cock lying flat against my stomach, fully erect. Jason sank to his knees and positioned himself between my spread legs and as he took my cock in his hand I moaned deeply. He wanked me very slowly for a few seconds then lowered his head towards my straining hardness.

As his mouth engulfed my cockhead I cried out in pure lust. He began to suck my cock and I knew I would have to be very careful not to come straight away.I sat back and closed my eyes as Jason expertly sucked my aching wet cock. Before long I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and knew I was very close. I begged him to stop as I didn't want to come yet, not before I had done the same to him. He responded by standing up and just stood directly in front of me. My heart was thumping in my chest as I sat on the edge of the sofa with his huge cock sticking out invitingly, only inches from my mouth. He took his cock in his hand and stepped in closer and began to rub his soaking wet cockhead all over my face. I could smell the musky aroma of his arousal which was turning me on immensely. As he rubbed the head against my lips I couldn't believe that I was about to do what I had fantasized about for years. I flicked out my tongue and licked his velvety smooth cockhead, tasting his slightly salty precome, then I opened my mouth and slid my lips down over his cock. My mouth was stretched to the limit and I could only manage a couple of inches of his huge thick cock. I used both of my hands to work his thick shaft as I sucked noisily on the head.

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The sheer excitement was almost too much to take as I moved one of my hands from Jason's shaft and began to wank myself as I sucked harder on his cockhead. Before long I knew that I was going to have to come and Jason too seemed to be getting close as he started to jerk his hips forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. I felt a sudden sense of panic as I didn't know if I would be able to take his come in my mouth, but the thought of it was very exciting and I knew I had to at least try. I didn't have long to wait as Jason told me he was nearly there, so I wanked his thick cock faster and sucked harder on his cockhead, my other hand now pumping my own cock and before I had any thoughts of changing my mind I felt Jason's cock swell inside my mouth, then it jerked suddenly and a spurt of come hit the back of my throat, as he cried out in lust. I wanked myself faster and as I felt my come rising, Jason's cock jerked and spurted several bigger loads of hot come into my mouth. Thinking I was going to choke I couldn't help but swallow and began to gulp down his salty, sweet come and was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted and as I greedily swallowed it down I felt my own come spurting from my cock as I wanked myself hard. Eventually Jason's cock began to soften inside my mouth, and as he withdrew it from my mouth I licked his cockhead clean of every last drop of spent come.

I collapsed back into the sofa and Jason joined me and we both sat there smiling contendly at a wonderful experience which for me was the first and hopefully not the last.