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Gay Sex at Camp


I was 18 and I decided to go to a month-long camp for the summer to keep me busy. When I got there, I was a little nervous at first, but I made some friends and it was fun. This was the kind of camp where you get assigned to a tent with another person (there was a girls and boys camp, by the way) so I got my tent assignment and I took my things over there. I met my tent buddy, Steve. Steve was 18 too, and he seemed like much of a loner, but he was cool, so we basically became friends right off bat. We hung out together and sat next to each other in the chow-hall and in the events that we signed up for.

So its the third day, and me and Steve decided to go swimming with a bunch of other people. We swam to this one cove-like area where it was real private. It turns out that Steve hid some porno mags over there, and we sat there looking at them. I was looking over his shoulder at a Hustler when he turned his head and kissed me. I sort of backed away at first, but something clicked in me saying to let things go on. I swam over to Steve, who looked hurt, and I kissed him full on the lips. He and I spent about 90 minutes making out in the cove, and it was cool. Our legs were intertwined and I could feel a bulge in his pants, and I’m sure he could feel mine. We swam back to the camp when we heard the call for chow-time. We didn’t speak anything of it until about 9:00 when we had some free time. Lights out was at 10:00, so Steve and I went to our tent. He asked me how I felt about us kissing a few hours ago. I told him that it was great and I would love to do it again. So he crawled over to me and gently pushed me down on the tent floor. He lay full on top of me and we made out for about an hour. Lights out was finally called, so we quietly watched the camp get dark and quiet. We turned out our lantern and lay with each other in the moon light. I kissed Steve full on the lips and we made out for awhile. Steve slipped my shirt off and I took off his. He slowly un-buttoned my shorts and let down the zipper, revealing my huge boner.

Steve took off my pants and he let me take off his. I saw that he had a hard on too. So there we were, laying on each other in our underwear, kissing and licking each other. I slowly pulled Steve’s underwear off, and he took mine off. Now we were totally naked and in each other’s arms, kissing. Steve licked his way down to my dick. He licked the tip of it, and the base too. He licked his way around, enjoying it all the way. Finally he took it in his mouth and began sucking away. He took it all into my mouth and savoured it.

My pre-cum leaked out and he swallowed it. Finally I burst inside his mouth, causing him to moan with joy, and giving me an intense orgasm. I noticed he didn’t swallow my cum yet, and I wondered why. He crawled up to my face and kissed me, giving me a snowball (where you have a mouthful of cum and you kiss someone with the cum in your mouth) he and I made out while savouring my cum. Finally, my turn. I lay on top of Steve now, and I was kissing him on the lips and licking him all over his face. I licked all around his chest and under his armpits. So finally I made it to his dick. I licked it around, and licked his ball-sac.

I took his balls in my mouth and played with them with my tongue, causing Steve to moan. Finally, I took his dick into my mouth and I sucked and took it all the way down to my throat. I played with his dick with my tongue, causing Steve to moan even harder. I thought we would wake up other tents, but the camp was still asleep. So I sucked and sucked until Steve’s pre-cum came out. I enjoyed it as it slid down my throat. Not too long after that, Steve shot his load in my mouth, and I enjoyed it. I made sure to keep it in my mouth, but I couldn’t help to swallow some to savor his cum myself. So I crawled up to his face again and gave him a snowball. We savoured his cum, this time. We got up on our knees and embraced, still making out and savouring Steve’s tasty cum. Finally, we swallowed it and made out for about 10 more minutes. Steve and I lay in each other’s arms when I told him to turn around. Steve was lying on his side with his back toward me. I turned around to face his ass. I kissed and licked the cheeks with ease, while Steve shuttered at my licks. I put my tounge up his crack and moved it around, savoring any taste I found. I gently worked my tounge up his asshole and moved it around. Steve moaned with my gentle tounge movement. I lay flat on my back and he sat on my face, while I continued to lick his crack and hole. I wiggled my way out of his crack and up to his ball sac where I licked and kissed it.

Steve got on the floor and I sat down on his face, while he spread my cheeks and licked away. By now, both our cocks were ready to blow, so we got into a 69 position and sucked each other off. Steve and I blew at the same time, and I enjoyed his cum as it slowly slid down my throat. We savoured each others juices and fell asleep, still joined in the position. Not long after we woke up again, it was only 1:00, so we still had the rest of the night to explore each other. Steve got up on his knees and I did too, and we embraced. I felt his hands working all over my body, and finally he moved his hands down to my ass.

He spread my cheeks and shoved his finger in my ass, and he fingered me, while I did the same to him. After that, we licked each other’s fingers and fondled each other. Steve and I got into a 69 position again and sucked each other off again, and when we blew, Steve turned around with a full mouth of cum, and I turned around with a full mouth too, and we made out again, mixing our cum, and savoring ever bit of it. After we swallowed our cum, Steve kissed me again and we spent about a few minutes playing with each others tongues with our own.

Steve licked me all over, and I was wet with his saliva. I licked Steve all over, and he moaned at my licks. We embraced again, this time a little slippery and sliding around with out spit. After our cum built up again, Steve grabbed my dick, and started to stroke it. So I grabbed his and stroked his too. We masturbated into each other’s mouths. With a full mouth of cum, I went over to Steve and he was expecting another snowball, but instead, I closed his mouth and I licked him all over until he was covered in his own cum. He did the same to me, and we licked it off of each other.

For about 30 minutes, we engaged in a long deep kiss that we both enjoyed. I told Steve to turn around, so still on our knees, Steve turned around. I pushed Steve onto the floor, gently and I got on top of him. I licked his back all the way down to his ass, where I spit and made it real wet. I finally inserted my dick, and pushed it in while Steve moaned. I finally pushed all of my dick into Steve’s ass. I pumped back and forth giving us both a great feeling that we both enjoyed.

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I blew my load into his ass, and he moaned as it shot out of my dick. I told him that it was his turn, so he spit into my crack and licked my hole and inserted his dick. I felt my cheeks stretching and contracting to take Steve in. Finally he was in and he started pumping away. Steve blew his load into my ass and we both moaned. He pulled out and we sat staring at each other. We spread our legs and wrapped them around each other as we made out again. It was now 3:30am, and we still had time for one last butt-fuck. So I turned Steve over and lay on top of him as I inserted my dick into his ass. I pumped it back and forth which gave Steve pure ecstasy. I reached around and fondled Steve’s dick. Finally after I was done, Steve did me up the ass, and it was great! We finally fell asleep, naked, in each other’s arms. We woke up the next day and got dressed, and we walked over to breakfast. We talked about the great night that we had, and we decided to do it every other night during the entire month that we’d be there. It was the greatest month in my life.